Medininkai castle

The largest castle of an enclosure type in Lithuania is the Medininkai castle located in Medininkai village, Vilnius district, 2 kilometers far from the board line with Belarus. According to archeologists, it was built in the period between late 13th century to the first quarter of 14th century. However, there are no historical documents proving that. So far many secrets surround the castle so many nowadays historians are vowed to explore them.

The enclosure type castle was built from rubbles and bricks. The place for building was carefully chosen as at these times there were slimy mud flats and forests around. These natural obstructions as well as 2 huge trenches defended the castle from attacks of Teutonic Order.

Overall it was a stronghold occupying territory of 6,5 hectares!  Thus it is not only the biggest enclosure type castle in Lithuania, it is also one of the biggest such castles in Eastern Europe. The length of 15 meters height walls was 566 meters. More than 280 shooting holes, 4 gates, five storied 30 meters long donjon were used for defensive purposes. The castle also included gorgeous halls where highest monarchs of the Great Duchy of Lithuania gathered. For example, the young price Kazimieras used to spend there his summers.

The castle lost the importance when attacks of the Teutonic Order ended. In 1655 during the war with Russia the castle was hardly damaged and never reconstructed again. During the Second World War Germans set their gun arsenal in one of towers of Medininkai castle. The tower was burst when Germans retreated. The Medininkai castle was not repaired until 1960. Only then slow reconstruction works were started, however, full reconstruction was not finished until now.

In 2005, the Trakai history museum planned many positive changes to do for the Medininkai castle. However, the project of castle renovation was not implemented because of the financial crisis. The castle must have been changed into an attractive tourism object . A history museum must have included a nice square where a fantastic panoramic view opens, rifle galleries, mini craftsmen town in the castle yard and other sightseeing objects that must have been prepared for visitors until the Millenium of Lithuania in 2009. So far the castle is still waiting for better times to be reconstructed. But nowadays the castle is being attended by hundreds of visitors in summers when historical fests are held there. People are welcome to come and touch the history themselves. Visitors are invited to attend in archeological researches or take part in creative historical games.

Medininkai castle is believed to become a well attended tourism object in a future. So far it is a reverberation of Lithuanian history that is mostly interesting for historians, archeologists and curious people that like unusual places and unrevealed secrets. Many people are impatiently waiting for the story of Medininkai castle to be explored and told the world.