Lokės pėda (Bear Foot) Adventure Park

Anyone looking for exciting experience in the wild is welcome to Lokės pėda adventure park.  The park was established in 2005  in the village of Lokėnėliai (Jonava district).  It have deserved well of many visitors already. The sound about the park spreads from lips to lips in Lithuania. Plenty of good recommendations is not a well organized publicity campaign – it is a guarantee that everyone coming to this park will enjoy the time here a lot.

The park includes safe installations of 6 tracks of different complexity in trees at the height of 2,5 – 15 meters, 3 fly zips, 60 obstacles containing exotic tours through Monkey, Tibetan, Nepalese bridges, moving logs, stirrups, nettings, swings, pirate ladders, Tarzan leap and many other extraordinary challenges. The safety of the park is guaranteed by helpful instructors of the park who provide visitors with a professional safety equipment and careful training. Moreover, to be on the safe side, visitors are being insured by the insurance company while their stay in the park.

The park is usually a whim of children who persuade their parents to go there. But the great variety of attractions astonishes grown ups a lot too. Tracks of 6 different levels of complexity often appears to be the most interesting and worth a challenge for elder people.  Lokės pėda inspires people to reach the finish of exciting and sometimes scary tracks and still – sometimes only the bravest and the strongest ones reach their goal there. However, it is not the most important thing to overcome the track. The most important is to experience much strong emotions, to prove your psychical and physical courage, responsibility and self concentration.

All in all, Lokės pėda is not only an adventure park for adrenalin seekers, it is also a beautiful place where people may simply have a rest, eat the food their brought or have a snack in a local cafee. The beauty of Lokė river here takes away the breath not less than the clambing constructions. In order to have the best posiible time here visitors must only remember to dress comfortable, lcheck weather prognoses and do not to leave bravery at home...

The park is open:
10.00-22.00  May-August
10.00-21.00 April
10.00-20.00 March, October
November-February the park is open upon an advance telephone reservation for groups containing more than 10 people.

For more information, please visit: www.lokespeda.lt