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Baltic Tour Package - 7 days from 899 €

Smiltynė- LithuaniaVisiting 3 Baltic countries per one week is an amazing experience. Vilnius, Nida, Riga and Tallin - that are the "must visit" sights when you arrive to the Baltic sea region. Spend relaxing time in 3 capitals, enjoy the beauty of Curonian Spit, visit amazing Old towns and the most interesting museums in all 3 countries per one unforgetable jorney. More details

Cultural Package - 7 days from 679 €

National Art GalleryOne of the best ways to preserve, promote and celebrate unique heritage of every nation is promoting a cultural tourism. In Lithuania there are many cultural sightseeing places. In addition, many festivals representing Lithuanian culture are held there every year. Experiencing the traditional and contemporary culture, arts, and special character of Lithuania might be an unforgettable adventure. It includes performing, visual and literary arts, lithuanian language lessons, museums, heritage, crafts, architecture, films and other objects that reveals the beauty of Lithuanian land. More details

Middle Ages Package - 7 days from 679 €

Gediminas Tower, VilniusLithuanian Middle Ages tour package includes the most beautiful historical sightseeing places in Lithuania. Casltes, Old Towns, Churches - it is a magnifocent journey through hisotry, culture and architecture. Visiting history museums, old ruins, beautiful architectural monuments is a relaxing way to spend your holiday. Cosy and comfortable appartments, well planned tour - all that promiss you a nice hloliday in Lithuania. More details

Spa Holiday Package - 3-7 days from 79 €

SPASPA is a magical way to regain strength and relaxation. Getting fit, being pampered, enjoying number of wellness procedures – that is the real pleasure for everyone. SPA tourism is a way to have the best holiday ever. SPA tourism in Lithuania is well developed and reasonably priced. Druskininkai, Birštonas, Curonian Spit cities and the largest Lithuanian cities (Vilnius, Kaunas) are welcoming people from all over the world to enjoy magnificent relaxing water procedures for the best prices. More details

Golf Holiday Package - 3-7 days from 159 €

Golf weekendGolfers know well that playing golf is also a nice light excercising that helps to relax and forget about your daily cares and routine. Planning strategy, hitting holes, having a good rest with your family, friends or bussiness partners is both: the challenge that golf creates and a useful way to spend your free time. Playing golf does not require any special physical readiness, your age, gender, race or economic background are also not important. Have a nice golf weekend with a good company in Lithuania and you will be pleased with the class of days you get for a very reasonable price. More details

Seaside Tourism Package - 7 days from 679 €

Vente CapeLithuania has a seashore with the Baltic sea of 90 km lenght The most famous resorts there are Šventoji, Palanga and Nida. Šventoji is a small and quite town where people come back again and again every year to have a good, quite and noncommittal rest. Contrary to Šventoji resort, Palanga is well known as a vivid and tumultous resort especially liked by youth and those who like parties, action and making new friends. Nida is a prestigious resort well loved by Germans, Russians and Poland guests. Nida is attracting with its nature, landscape, dunes and quitness. More details

Military Tourism Package - 7 days from 679 €

Nuclear Missile Launch SiteAfter all enemy military forces were finally marched off Lithuanian territory, Lithuanians won a great moral battle. Severe experience left some scarps on Lithuanian face during tough times of Soviet occupation, however, we must be blind not to notice how much material property military forces left there and how strong military heritage attracts tourists from all over the world. In Lithuania there are number of interesting objects of military heritage to see so don’t miss a chance to face the real past while enjoying a real Soviet drama “Survival Drama. 1984” . Perhaps nowhere else such a unique experience can be outlived. More details

Pilgrimage Tourism Package - 7 days from 619

Church of St. CatherineLithuania is a Christian country since 1387 when Lithuanians were forced to accept the new religion as before they were pagans. The Catholicism was set then and Lithuania became a part of Rome Catholics. Despite the fact that Lithuanians lost their oneness as last pagans in Europe, they got more civilized educational, cultural living circumstances. Passing centuries implanted the real trust in Christian Church in minds of Lithuanians. Nowadays Lithuania includes important places of pilgrimage that are often attended by believers from all over the world. More details

Jewish Tourism Package - 7 days from 619

9th FortLithuania was always closely related with Jews. Vilnius was once even called the Norhten Jerusalem. Thus in Lithuania there are many Jewish heritage objects that describe history, culture, pain and happines of the nation. Every year many Jews come to Lithuania in order to visit these very important monuments of Jewish heritage. More details

Cuisine Tourism Package - 7 days from 619

CCold Beet Root Soupuisine or Food tourism is a holiday for people looking for special experience and pleasures. There will always be kind of tourists that say – I can look at these famous buildings and squares at the pictures! But how can I taste their local food and drinks? It is only posible when coming here! And that is not a wrong sight at all. Cuisine tourism might include both – travelling for tastes and sightseeing local highlights while digestión. Lithuanian local cuisine and drinks are divergent in European context and tasting of local beers and aqua vitas might also be very memorable. More details

Ecotourism Package - 7 days from 559 €

Palemonas HillRecently many conscious people are empathizing with the threat to World`s ecology. Green Movements, mass ecological actions, recycling, promotion of bio energy consumption and many other ecological activities are becoming more and more popular. And that is not for a fashion. That is for saving our planet. Choosing eco tourism is one of the ways to prevent pollution. In Lithuania there are perfect conditions for active eco tourism in summer. Here you may all – have a great time, develop your sportsmanship and raise the level of ecology. More details

Rural Tourism Package - 7 days from 559 €

VeliuonaCountryside holiday is more and more popular these days. It`s a posibility to enjoy natural surroundings, unpolluted air, quitness and calmness. Cosy living houses, delicious smell of Lithuanian food and beveregies, number of entertaining rural activities and many other advantages of rural tourism in Lithuanian villages are really affordable and hapilly acceptable by greate variety of people. More details

Folk Tourism Package - 7 days from 679 €

Vilnius Old Town BalconyIt is said that a man should grow into the land of his ancestry, but see the whole world. The folk tourism helps to get acquainted with traditions of the nation undoubtedly. Knowing foreign culture better means knowing your own culture better. You can compare, learn and find out what you have in common. Touching past traditions is a meaningful way to spend your holidays. It is interesting, authentic, different and memorable. More details

Yacht Holiday Package - 3-7 days from 299 €

Yacht HolidayYacht sport in Lithuania is pretty popular on the seaside. Klaipėda has the best conditions for yacht amateurs and is considered to be the center of yacht sport in Lithuania. Not only Klaipėda includes a yacht club. Several of them are scattered all around the Curonian Spit. In the region of Klaipėda regattas are often organized. The shows, competitions and perfect conditions for simple recreational sailing are attracting people from Lithuania and foreign countries too. Tourists value the infrastructure created for yachtsmen there a lot. One of the best things while enjoyning the yach holiday is that you do not have to look for a place where to stay - your home is your yacht! More details

Roots & Relatives Tour Package - Price depends on situation, 7 days

AncestorsIt is possible to make a photo of your family village, town, city or the place they lived long time ago. And even to find some relatives. Lithuanian State archive can do your family tree. We have an experience in arranging such tours and service. More details

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