Kugelis is a tasty potatoe dish which is cooked in oven. Slice it strait in baking tray, serve in a plate and flavor with sour cream – you will not make to feel when the soft smell pervades home. Some hostess put in some chicken or turkey meat and the dish changes into bouquet dainty. However, the real Lithuanian way is simpler, but the result is still fantastic – be careful not to swallow the tongue.


Ingredients for 5 portions

1 kilo potatoes
1 egg
1 onion
2 tablespoons wheat flour
50 g fresh pig fat
100 ml milk
salt to taste
black ground peppers to taste


• Peel off potatoes, grate them and rack. Scald the mash with boiling milk, punch in an egg, flavor with salt and peppers.
• Sauté chopped onion and fresh fat. Pour everything into potatoes mash and stir well.
• Grease the baking tray with fat, stew with pulled bread and pour in the prepared mash.
• Bake kugel in hot oven about 1 hour.