Klaipėda Sea Festival

There is time once a year when Klaipėda, the only one Lithuanian sea harbor, extremely changes its face and becomes a place vibrant with action and energy. It is an annual Sea Festival time when people (nearly half a million in total) from all over Lithuania as well as from foreign countries come here and enjoy a few days lasting non-stop celebration.

The Sea Festival was arranged for the first time in 1934. Perhaps organizers of the festival then did not even imagine it will become such an old and valuable tradition attracting thousands of people from far away. Then the main purpose of the festival was to strengthen an image of the city and all Lithuania as a marine country. Then the so called Great Day of Sea attracted more than a 100 thousand people. Klaipėda city had never seen such an amount of guests these times before. Streets were absolutely full, ships packed. People then did not find a place to sleep so they simply spent a night outside. In later years organizing aspects were perfectly implemented as organizers prepared for the festival very well . The Sea Festival became an event of national importance. Every year the same good traditions of procession, song and dance performances, traditional competitions of water sports, an outside trading market flourished and developed.

The Sea Festival got its` nowadays style and main structure, when concerts of various performers from other cities and even countries are held and a cultural aspect mostly dominates, in 1973. Of course, nowadays there are many other attractions like regatta of sailing boats. In addition, a very important part of the festival became the festive market. There is a wide variety of folk art articles, fish, beer, amber and many more goods offered. Thousands of people gather to have good time in Klaipėda even though the weather is not very favorable. Non-stop concerts of famous singers and bands, astonishing view of docks that a fulfilled with sailing boats, ships and yachts, the smell of the sea and wind, various attractions and delicious marine food – that is the most accurate description for the Sea Festival in Klaipėda.

There is no doubt that without a patriotic attitude of leadership of local businesses and government of Klaipėda city the Sea Festival couldn`t be organized. It is a gift for citizens and guests of Klaipėda city that is really appreciable and taken with great joy and gratefulness. Organizing, coordination and implementation of such a festival every year is a hard selfless work that gives amazing results.


Klaipėda sea festival 2007