Klaipėda Castle

Klaipėda castle was the main unit in Klaipeda for centuries. It was the first building erected in the city which around other buildings and fieldworks were built. In 2002 a historical museum was opened in the castle. There are several expositions, telling visitors about the stages of processes of  Klaipeda city and Klaipeda castle.

Klaipėda castle was first mentioned in written documents in 1252. Then a wooden castle was built near Danė flow called Memelburg.  In 14-15th centuries Klaipėda castle suffered many onslaughts by Samogitians and Lithuanians. It was burnt, demolished and rebuilt many times.

In the 15th century the castle was fortified well. It could even protect itself from shooting irons. The defensive system of the castle was made of towers, defensive wall, trenches and fillings. The defensive system got old and ineffective during centuries so it was developed several times, the last one development was  made during the Seven years war in 1756-1763. After that Klaipėda castle lost its military status and started slightly rotting.  Only in 1998 local government in Klaipeda enounced a contest to regenerate the castle for future vision: to convert the castle remains into a  reproduced historical sight and to open a museum there.

Nowadays it is obvious that the vision was implemented as Klaipėda city has a very interesting historical museum established in an authentic 17-18th century underground tunnel. The exposition was displayed according to scientific requirements in an attractive, interesting and even emotional way. The format of exhibition is an emphatically educative. On the first stand there are exposed Curonian armaments and apparels. Another stand is bestowed upon Klaipėda city establishment. In addition to this, other few expositions display old huosewares found in the castle, model of Klaipėda city and the Klaipeda castle as well as the most important exhibit – golden ring inlaid with precious stone. In the museum there are also many dummies demonstrating the historical appearance, imitating past living. Surrounded by historical furniture, armaments, dressed with old fashioned authentic closes these dolls of natural human size reveals the real past life emotions. Visitors find themselves like a real 17-18th century city dwellers as the created surrounding is very persuasive. The museum also propagates modern technologies in order to give its visitors possibility not only to watch, but to participate in the historical research. A computer terminal fitted in the museum is available for grownups and for children too. Anyone who want to know something more can satisfy the lack of knowledge while browsing the electronic information system using the interactive screens located in the museum.

Klaipėda city is proud of its castle and the historical museum inside it. Perhaps all efforts quit for the great result we can see now. Visiting Klaipėda castle and its museum is a useful experience so don’t go overpass it when you are in Klaipėda.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Entrance fee -  6 litas for adults, 2-3 litas for children. Address: Pilies str.4, Klaipėda