Kaunas Zoo

If you come to Lithuania and want to visit a zoo, you have to come to Kaunas where the only one Lithuanian zoo is located. The Kaunas Zoo is really near the city center established in a nice holt where number of centennial oaks grow creating a natural atmosphere. While having a relaxing walk surrounded by greenery in summer or by wild freezing  nature shelter in the cold season visitors can survey quite a big variety of animal species living in the zoo of 15,9 ha.

The Kaunas Zoo was established in 1938 by initiative of professor Tadas Ivanauskas.  Then only 40 animals were exposed there all brought into the zoo by professor himself or gifted by other zoos. In period of 2 years number of animals enlarged almost 4 times as in 1940 150 animals lived in Kaunas Zoo already. Then, however, the Second World War disturbed the expansion of the zoo significantly. There was a great lack of feed in the Kaunas Zoo so many animals were sold while whelps of other animals were simply liquidated in order not to grow them under terrible conditions.

Luckily, the Second World War was  over and the Kaunas Zoo survived including 42 habitants: 25 animals and 17 birds. In postwar the estate for tigers and lions was erected, also a pavilion for bears was established. The Kaunas Zoo expanded as a feeding kitchen, veterinary and a workshop were built  there. The Kaunas Zoo did not reach the highest level of zoos rank, but it was accredited to become a member of European Zoo and Aquarium Association in 1989 and since then actively participates in projects of breeding rare species.

Nowadays the Kaunas Zoo includes 11 sectors and 130 employees. The number of animals living in the zoo reaches almost 2900. There are 280 various species 17 of which are insects, 58 fish species, 4 amphibians, 35 reptiles, 73 birds and the largest number – 83 species of mammalians.  The Kaunas Zoo have already had about 13,5 mln visitors overall during its existence. Children are always very happy to ride a pony or a donkey, to give cuddly llamas  a stroke or to have a ride through the zoo by carriage. The zoo has not only many visitors, but many sponsors  too, who do not scrimp a support for animals. The zoo is often supported with feed, money or services by those who are not indifferent.

Despite being a medium zoo according to European Zoo standards, the Kaunas Zoo is well attended and loved by many Lithuanians and foreigners. The modesty in the Kaunas zoo is filled with honest love for animals, spectacular nature and simple joy of its visitors.