Imbradas is a little village located in Zarasai district, North East Lithuania. This small settlement is famous for its` beautiful church of Jesus Crusified and a miracle Ilgys lake where, according to witnesses, St. Marry appeared once. Thus Imbradas is declared to be one of Lithuanian pilgrimage places where every year,  June the 30th , a big celebration is held.

For many years the village was thought to be a simple settlement which is known since times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. There was a mansion house which belonged to family of graphs Moliai. They equipped various amenities like a wind mill, a pond that used to serve as a fish nursery, a beautiful park and other facilities around their manor. The same graphs built the first church in Imbradas village in 1787 which was reconstructed in 1891.

Nowadays this wooden church is called the church of Jesus Crusified and is valued as an architectural monument. In the churchyard there remains of graphs are laying nowadays. According to historical sources, the church, perhaps, was built by local craftsmen thus it does not have any particular style. The architecture of the church of Jesus Crusified can partially be characterized as the one of classicism style including some ethnographic elements.

Perhaps one of the most important historical events in the village had happened in 1967 summer. It was a bright night of the 30th of June when two teenage cousins Juozas and Albina were riding a motorcycle back home. It was almost a midnight when they reached the hill near Ilgys lake. As they approached  the cross standing on the hill, they suddenly saw strange light on the Ilgys lake.  At first they both thought it was a car, but the light did not get any closer. As soon as they went down the hill and turned towards the bridge to cross the lake, they saw an incredible and pretty scary view: It was not car lights, it was a young pretty woman wearing a white dress shining. She was standing on rotten poles far away from the lake shores. She was looking at them thoughtfully, but neither of them could say a word.  When they got into the other shore of the lake they stopped and asked each other, whether they really saw the same. Both found out they saw the same: golden hair, aureole, white dress, a wrap, one hand put on chest. It was not a dream, it was a manifestation.

For some time both teenagers did not tell anyone their adventure. But one night Albina had a dream where the same girl appeared. The girl then clearly appeared as St. Marry and in tears asked Albina why she does not tell anyone their vision.  Albina then revealed the secret for local sacristan, then he himself told the story for priest of Imbradas village. The news spread among local inhabitants fast. The then working Soviet militia was not happy about the flurry which appeared among locals then. They tried to ban coming to the Ilgys lake for devotional purposes and persecuted witnesses and confessants. Despite that, people were worshiping the saint place in secret.

Nowadays there is a temple built in honor of St. Marry near the Ilgys lake. The place of manifestation is thought to be very positive energetically. In addition, the water of Ilgys lake is thought to have remedial powers.  People from various places in Lithuania come to Imbradas village in order to satisfy their religious and mental thirst.