How to get to Lithuania by Car

Traveling Lithuania by car could be very comfortable and enjoyable. Here you may get acquainted with the main facts, limitations and regulations of traffic in Lithuania.
The main highways in Lithuania are:
A1 – Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda
A6 – Kaunas – Zarasai –Daugpilis

Driving in Lithuania
There is a right side traffic in Lithuania. Using a seat-belt is stringent for all passengers in the vehicle. Sometimes insurance companies may reject to defray expenses for damage in case of accident if passengers did not wear seat-belts. Lights must be turned on 24 hours all year round. A driver must have his or her driver`s license, car registration documents or a commission to drive the car.

Speed limits
50km/h in towships
80 km/h outside the townships
100/110/130 km/h on a highway according to a road type and season


Parking on pavement is forbidden unless the signs tell otherwise. Parking usually is paid, you can pay in the nearest parking automaton.  The payment value depends on the place where you want to park.  If you want to park in Vilnius Old Town, for 20 minutes you have to pay 1 litas. Outside the Old Town territory 30 minutes cost 1 litas. In the green Vilnius parking zone 1 hour costs 1 litas.

Automatic gas stations serve customers all 24 hours. They accept cash in banknotes as well as credit cards.
Mobile phones
it is forbidden to use a mobile phone while driving a car unless you use a free hand equipment.

Driving tipsy
It is forbidden to drive a car in Lithuania if there are more than 0,4 mille of alcohol in your blood. Lithuanian law is very strict on that and it is usual to organize random inspections. If a driver is taken in insobriety , police has a right to take away his or her driver`s license, to impose a huge fine or to arrest. If there are some open alcohol bottles in a vehicle, driver is also threatened with a fine. In case in a vehicle there is a  sober  passenger  who has driver`s license, but the vehicle was still drove by a drunk driver, a fine threatens for the passenger too.

Children safety in a car
Safety of children must be guaranteed with safety-belts or a child-seat. A child-seat is stringent for children under 13 years.