History of Lithuania

8000-7000 BC - first local inhabitants came here after glaciers melted. They were hunters and fishermen.
4800/4600 – 1700/1600 BC – stoneware, stockbreeding and agriculture appeared.
3000-2500 BC – Balts came here and assimilated with local inhabitants.
1600 BC – Copper Age in territory of Lithuania.
1000 BC – Iron Age in territory of Lithuania.
1009 –name of  Lithuania first mentioned in documents.
1253 – The Grand Duke Mindaugas  united Lithuania, accepted christening and became the King of Lithuania.
1263 Mindaugas was killed by his nephew Treniota, a tumble appeared in Lithuania then.
14th century – Lithuania started prospering when there was a dynasty of Gediminaičiai ruling. Territories of nowadays Belarus, Ukraine and West Russia were annexed by Lithuania. The largest ever Lithuania was under government of Grand Duke Vytautas, when its southern border reached the Black sea.
1387 – Lithuania was christened.

1569 – the Commonwealth of Two Nations – Lithuania and Poland was established.
1772-1795 – Austria, Russia and Prussia divided the Commonwealth. The biggest part of Lithuania accrued to Russia.
1812 - in Lithuania, as a part of Russian Empire, russification was intensified after unsuccessful campaign of Napoleon Bonapart.
19th century first half- start of Lithuanian national regeneration. The most important persons of the new movements were Simonas Daukantas, Motiejus Valančius, Jonas Basanavičius, Vincas Kudirka.
1864 – after the second rising of Lithuanian nation a prohibition of Lithuanian writing, reading and prints was declared by Russian Government.
1904 - the print prohibition was cancelled.
1905 – In Vilnius there was a congress arranged by Lithuanian delegates. They declared the requirement for autonomy.
1915 – Germany occupied Lithuania , Russians retreated.
1918 02 16 - after the First World War ended, Lithuania got its independence back
1921 - Lithuania was included into Union of Nations
1923 - Lithuania got back Klaipėda city
1926 – in Lithuania there was an upheaval, Antanas Smetona was elected as a president
1938 – in Constitution of Lithuania there was declared the status of authoritarian ruling in Lithuania
1939 03 – Lithuania was forced to give Klaipėda city back to German.
1939 09 – the Second World War broke up, Lithuania was consigned to Russia .
1939 - Lithuana was forced to sign a pacts called Treaty of Mutual Contribution with Russia, in this way Lithuania became one of many states annexed by Russia.
1941 06 – mass deportation to Siberia of inhabitants of Baltic states was started.
1941-1944 – Lithuania was a part of German Ostland Reichcommissariat.
1944 – Soviet Government came back to Lithuania.
1944-1953 - Soviet Government deported almost 30000 Lithuanian families.
1989 - during reforms of Gorbačiov Lithuanians started requiring more and more sovereignty.
1990 03 11 - Lithuania declared its indipendece.
1991 01 13 - Soviet occupants assaulted Vilnius TV Tower, but Lithuania withstood the tax.
1993 - the last Russian soldiers left Lithuania. Posses privatization processes began in Lithuania. Algirdas Brazauskas was elected a president of Lithuania.
1998 - Valdas Adamkus was elected as a president of Republic of Lithuania.
2003 - Rolandas Paksas was elected as a president of Republic of Lithuania. He was removed from the post by impeachment in 2004.
2004 - Lithuania became member of NATO and ES.
2004 - for one more cadence Valdas Adamkus was elected as a president of Republic of Lithuania.
2009 - Dalia Grybauskaitė was elected  as the first woman president in Lithuania.