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Guided tours in Vilnius from 10 eur:

Way of Lithuanian Statehood

Way of Lithuanian StatehoodThis is a tour which touches the places marking the tough building up of Lithuania as an independent country. The tour begins near the Office of the Seimas and ends near the TV tower. During the tour 9 separate stops are made in order to visit all historically important monuments and places. Send inquiry here.

Hills and Castles in Vilnius

Hills and CastlesThe teritory of castles in Vilnius was a significant political, religious and cultural center of the Grand Duke of Lithuania. The tour leads visitors to the past of the most important casltes in Vilnius describing their meanings and historical facts. Send inquiry here.

History of Vilnius Palaces

History of Vilnius Palaces As most palaces in Vilnius are located in the Old Town, the tour begins in the Vilnius street, where the marvelous palace of Radvilai stands. The further way leads visitors to Vokiečių, Dominikonų, Universiteto streets, crosses Daukantas square and passes the Didžioji and Trakai streets. Send inquiry here.

Polish Heritage in Vilnius

Polish HeritageThere is no doubt that the magic Vilnius romantism would not be so impellent without stimulus of Polish culture. The tour invites people to visit the most important Polish heritage sights in Vilnius including churches of Polish importance, Vilnius university, Vilnius Cathedral, places of living of the most famous polish litterateurs and other.

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Russian Heritage in Vilnius

Russian HeritageGreat influence for Vilnius history was made by Russian artists and scientists. In order to get aqcuainted with the most important highlights of Russian heritage the tour passes many beautiful orthodox churches, places where Russian grandees stayed, Russian drama theatre.

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Jewish Heritage in Vilnius

Jewish HeritageVilnius was famous as a Northern Jerusalem formerly. Thus nowadays a strong energy of Jewish Vilnius might be felt on the Jewish way which passes through old Vilnius streets  where there were ghettos and focuses of Jewish cultural and historical life. Passing the unique synagogue, Jewish museum, monuments and former Jewish blocks, the tour around Jewish heritage in Vilnius is a vivid description of Jwish life in Vilnius. Send inquiry here.

German Heritage in Vilnius

German HeritageThe tour of German heritage will show you the most impressive German sights in Vilnius such as gorgoeus curches and authentic defensive structures. We will also stop by the famous German (Vokiečių lit.) street which is a lovely place for time out and to grab a snack.

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Way of Pučkoriai

Way of PuckoriaiIf you want to get away from the rushing city, relax in Pavilniai regional park. The incredible view of Pūčkoriai exposure and calming riffle of Vilnelė river will leave a big impression undoubtedly. Besides surrounded by astonishing nature plenty of historical heritage objects are still reminding of an outstanding history of Vilnius city.

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Musical Vilnius

Musical Vilnius Music in Vilnius is an important part of cultural and social life of the city as it rallies crowds of listeners and performers together. The tour leads visitors to places where music never hush like National Philharmonic, church of St. Casimir, St. Jones and St. Catherine, Town Hall, House of Čiurlionis, monument for Frank Zappa and other. Send inquiry here.

Artistic and Romantic Vilnius

Artistic and Romantic VilniusTake this tour and you will reveal the mystic and romantic spirit of Vilnius city. Miracle cobble tiles, dateless squares of lovers dates, romantic bridges in Užupis hanged with number of love locks and many other longing and arch corners of the city will entrance everybody with perpetual romanticism. Send inquiry here.

Guided tours in Kaunas from 15 eur:
Way of Beer in Kaunas

Way of Beer in KaunasTake this tour and you will know many interesting facts about history, advantages and also disadvantages of beer. You will also be able to taste many different types of beer that were favourite ones for various world famous historical persons as well as get acquainted with brewery technologies. Send inquiry here. Send inquiry here.

Spirit of Kaunas catacombs

Spirit of Kaunas catacombsIt is a unique chance to explore the underground Kaunas and to feel the spirit of secret catacombs under the city. If you are not afraid of costs, unsearchable jingle of chains and want to know something more than it is known for crowds, you should take this challenge. Send inquiry here.

Kaunas in Water

Kaunas in Water In order to find something new and beautiful the tour in water is recommended. Travelling on boat along the Nemunas river and admiring marvelous coasts of Kaunas region is a very pleasing time. Alluring views, interesting stories and fun quizzes will make the tour an unforgettable experience. Send inquiry here.

Survey Tour in Kaunas

Survey Excursion in KaunasThe most important objects in Kaunas will be visited if you choose this tour. Beginning with the Kaunas castle and ending with the wide variety of museums in Kaunas you will meet the city better than ever before. Send inquiry here.

Guided tours in Klaipėda from 16 eur:

Little Miracles of Klaipeda

Little Miracles of KlaipedaThat is an excursion suitable for children and grownups too. Meet the smallest inhabitants of Klaipėda that are scattered in many unespected places in the city. Sculpture of Cat with gentleman face, mystic mouse, a dragon and other creatures are waiting for you to get acquainted with them. Send inquiry here.

Klaipėda in the Kingdom of Prussia

Klaipeda in the Kingdom of PrussiaDuring the excursion tourists are au fait of interesting facts of Klaipėda history that will be new for those even who think they might know a lot of about the past of the city. The guide will tell you about the king and queen of Prussia, about the main reasons why Klaipėda was accredited to be the capital of Prussia kingdom and many more interesting historical secrets. Send inquiry here.

Beer Tour in Klaipėda

Beer Tour in Klaipeda The famous „Švyturys“ brewery in Klaipėda is well known in all over the world so the Beer tour offers visitors to get acquainted with the production of the beer as well as to taste it. Find out the traditions of great brewery and the taste of real fresh Lithuanian beer. Send inquiry here.

Klaipėda from Bird Flight

Klaipeda from Bird FlightIt is a fantastic experience to get high over the city and to look at it from above. In Klaipėda it is not a problem to make this pleasure come truth as you only need to come up the tower of St. Mary the Queen of Piece Churche. Join the bird flight with a professional guide who would tell you the details of the fantastic view opening from there. Send inquiry here.

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