Grūtas Park

In 2010 the crazy Grūtas Park was officially declared to be one of 10 the strangest museums in the World. Grūtas Park is 130 kilometers far from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania  and only 8 kilometers far from Druskininkai city, which is also called the Lithuanian spa town. There is no doubt that Druskininkai is an appreciable holiday resort, but  tourists often take tours to the neighboring Grūtas Park too.  The park is famous for over fifty different sculptures of Soviet leaders posing in various manners. The sculptures reveal the comical and hyperbolical former worship of Soviet political cult figures. Nowadays visitors walking the pathways and trails cleared all along the way in the outside exhibition can see number of busts, statues of Lenin and various other relicts of Soviet times. To recreate the atmosphere and the environment of a concentration camp, Grūtas Park also has a watchtower and a trench in it.

The entire look of Grūtas Park closely resembles Siberia as watchtowers, fragments of lagers and other Soviet elements are scattered all around the territory of the Grūtas Park which occupies the area of twenty hectares.  In order to strengthen the impressions, visitors are also able to enjoy a typical Soviet meal right here. The mushroom based food courses are very popular here. The dishes are more commonly known as Gulag food. The special Russian menu attracts people as for some it seems to be an exotic one, for others – nostalgic, but whatever the feeling caused would be, there are never indifferent ones left.

Once, the establisher of Grūtas Park, former wrestler and Lithuanian entrepreneur Viliumas Malinauskas called the Grūtas Park Stalin’s World. That created an unofficial basis for the Grūtas Park to sound synonymous with the world famous parks like Disney Land and Sea World. That undoubtedly is a very good rating. In order to maintain the high level of this unique museum and park,  every year annual Soviet fests are held there in order to play a joke on Soviet ruling times. Fun spectacles are shown, Soviet trappings are emphatically used, former political leaders “rise from death” and appear here in order to create comic situations and entertain people coming here for the Soviet show.

Viliumas Malinauskas, the establisher of the Grūtas park, was awarded with the lg Nobel Peace Prize for creating this exceptional place symbolizing the total absurdity of Soviet regime.