Folk Tour Package

Incredible experience is guaranteed for everyone taking the Folk Tour package. Refreshing winds of past times when the daily life was much slower, but much more natural and positive will help to regenerate and reorder your values and true purposes.

Included sights/activities Group size Days Price €
Stelmužė oak
Rumšiškės museum
Lithuanian get-together with cooking, dancing, playing
Vilnius tour/ folk performances
Vyno kelias Lietuvoje (Wine way in Lithuania) - Anykščiai
Duonelė kasdieninė (Daily Bread) in Horse Museum, Niūronys village
Ancient Beekeping Museum
Stone museum, Mosėdis
Kretinga museum
6-8 7 5460
Included Experience guaranteed
5 nights in a hotel (3-4 stars,breakfast, supper)   
1 night in a guest hose       
Entrée fees       
Thematic evening programs with monks
Improvement of knowledge of past tradtions and culture
Experience in cooking, dancing, singing in folk way
Unforgetable tours in nowadays Lithuanian breweries, degustations
Delicious memories
Mind and body rest
Additional Price € for ad.
Folk festival “Mėnuo Juodaragis” (Blackhorn Moon)
Folk festival “Tundra
Palanga Smelt (winter only)
Bloosom of Panemunė – Raudonė castle, late spring (Tauragė district)
Memelender felowship (For German)
Rumšiškės hotel
30 eur/person
30 eur/person
100 eur
100 eur
100 eur
50 eur
400 eur