Facts and figures of Lithuania

Population: 3,3 million inhabitants
Area: 65 200 sq.km
Capital city: Vilnius
Major cities: Vilnius (550 thousand inhabitants), Kaunas (355), Klaipėda (185)
Local currency: Lithuanian Litas - LTL, fixed exchange rate: 3,4528 LTL = 1 EUR
Ethnics: 85% of Lithuanians
Religion: 80% catholics
Government: Parliamentary democracy
Leading parties: Conservative and Social-democrats
Neighbour countries: Latvia, Russia, Poland, Belorussia

Memeber of: European Union, NATO, World Trade Organisation
National flag: yellow, green and red
Nature: Largest river - Nemunas (937 km.), Largest lake - Drūkšiai (44,8 sq.m.), Highest point - Juozapinės kalnas (293,6 m.)
Distance from Vilnius to: Paris - 1.700 km, Berlin - 820 km, Moscow - 790 km, Copenhagen - 810 km
Calling code: +370
Internet country code: .LT
Average temperature: January -5o C, July +17o C
Main words: "Hello" - "Labas", "Thank you" - "Ačiū", "Sorry" - "Atsiprašau", "Good bye" - "Viso gero"
Biggest local companies: "Mažeikių Nafta" (oil refinery), "Maxima" (network of retail stores)
National sport: Basketball
Interesting facts:
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Other interesting fatcs:

  • Vilnius University was the first University in the Eastern Europe
  • In the end of fourteenth century Lithuania was the largest country in Europe
  • Famous western actor Charles Bronson was Lithuanian
  • Lithuania first time mentioned in written in 1009 Quedlinburg Chronicle
  • Lithuania was the first Soviet state to declare it's independence in March 11, 1990
  • Lithuania ex-President R.Paksas was the first European leader to be removed from the office by the impeachment process
  • Lithuania is one of the several countries in the world where the most popular sport is Basketball
  • Lithuania was the last pagan country in Europe that accepted Christianity
  • The Geographical Centre of Europe is 26 km to the North of Vilnius as it was found by The National Institute of Geography in France
  • It is estimated that during 50 years of Soviet occupation 1 million Lithuania's inhabitants - that made 1/3 of population - were lost as a result of various repressions.