Druskininkai Aquapark

It is well known that water helps to relax, have a good rest and gain a resistance for organism. Druskininkai city is the best wellness resort in Lithuania, thus there is nothing to be surprised about as the great water park full of wellness programs is located there.

The Druskininkai Aquapark appeared in 2004 when the old and not functioning former convalescent home including 200 bathes of mineral water was reconstructed. Nowadays the building includes both – big water entertainment park and a hotel. So the whole complex is adopted to every possible important people needs: visitors may find there pleasure for mind, body, health and stomach in café or pizzeria.

Druskininkai Aquapark distinguishes in a few features. Firstly, it is very spacious and bright. The main action proceeds in two main big pools under glass roof cupolas. This area is called the Aquatic entertainment area and includes also a slide tower with 6 different close and open type slides. Capacity  of the area is 9000 square meters thus the whole lodgment is full of light and spase.  One of the pools here is for sports and swimming, the other imitate sea waves and is suitable for relaxing pleasure. In addition to this, marvelous whirlpool baths of several floors, hydro-massage, water cascades and other pleasures are also available here. The pleasure is fulfilled when you look outside and the beautiful panorama of Nemunas river opens straight from the Aquatic area.  As cameras are allowed here, visitors can take bright fun pictures wherever they want. There is no doubt that the pleasure must be recorded!

The other feature distinguishing Druskininkai Aquapark from other water parks is the unique bathhouse complex including 18 different bathes. The area called Alita is the place where people feel total relaxation and an immediate positive effect on health. All 18 bathes are equipped according to different traditions and techniques so every single man finds there something suitable. It is noticeable that people over 18 are allowed to enter this area in order to guarantee quite and comfortable atmosphere.

The children area is also well developed in the Druskininkai Aquapark. There are 2 places prepared sepcially for children. The little ones can play in Mars pool together with their parents or play alone in the Fun Spaceship of Sietis Marmaras.  The latter is a separate place where children are being looked after by the Aquapark staff for an additional price. By the way, the staff in Druskininkai Aquapark surprises with friendliness and natural sunshine!

Druskininkai Aquapark is really a versatile place. Hotel, restaurants, night club, spa centers, conference hall, bowling and, of course, amazing water entertainments can be found in one place. Everybody once visited it say, that Druskininkai Aquapark is one of these places which must be visited at least one time. So do not miss your chance.

For more information about the Aquapark, please visit: www.akvapark.lt .