Devils' Museum

The Devils' museum or more commonly known as the Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis Velnių Muziejus is tucked away in the town of Kaunas in Lithuania. The Devils' museum, as the name suggests is the museum where all the devils are housed. With three floors and over two thousand exhibits of devils of various sizes, shapes, colors and materials, this is a very amazing museum that boasts of having the largest collection of devils in a single place in the whole world. A large part of the collection comes from the personal collector named Antanas Žmuidzinavičius and it is present on the first floor of the Devils' museum. When you think and speak of the devil, you always associate it with a lot of negativity. However, in Lithuania the devil sounds very nice and human. He is described as a man who is very much like a human. He wants to marry a lady, make a few friends and is pretty charming, rich, cheerful and smart.

Apart from the collection of the various pieces depicting all kinds of devils, the Devils' museum also has Shrovetide masks that are quite weird to look at and is considered to be extremely bizarre. The top floor has a collection of devils from the erstwhile territories of the Soviet. There is also an exquisite collection from the various Slavic countries like Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Apart from these, the variety of the collection is admirable, as it has virtually covered almost everything right from the places like Armenia to Yakutia. Peasants and villagers in Russia were known to always keep an eye open to look out for the devil. They were very scared of using the bath houses in those days as it was the only time period during which there was a very great risked of being attacked by the devil himself as they used to get their prayer belts off while having a bath.

Apart from the statues and figurines of the devil in the Devils' museum, who seem to be male almost exclusively, there are also other artifacts and objects with the devil drawn on the like plates, nutcrackers, ash trays, pipes, etc. There are paintings of the devil in the Devils' museum done either on canvas or on silk and all the statues are made of wood, stone or clay. The color scheme followed in the Devils' museum is the black and red type.