Devil`s Stone (Velnio akmuo) music festival

2010 is the second year when in Lithuania there an open air festival of heavy music is organized. An absolutely alternative weekend (July 16-18) in Anykščiai, Dainuva valley will attract lovers of extreme music, wild energy and untraditional self-expression. Devil`s Stone festival might be interpreted as a hell of a noise that stops storms and brings listeners and performers into heaven.

20 music groups (Like Grave (Sweden), Mayhem (Norway), Tankard (Germany), Battalion (Switzerland), Nightmare (France), Devious (Holand), Burying Place (Lithuania) and so on), late night rockotheque, day time volleyball, football competitions, delicious Lithuanian menu, tent city and picturesque landscapes of nearby flowing Šventoji river (taking a swim in it is even better than a regular morning shower back at home) – all that create an inspirational atmosphere which is just perfect for the venue.

The Devil`s Stone festival is open for various heavy music styles like melodious heavy, deep black, fierce death, sharp trash, melancholic doom and gothic, rich progressive and other various experimental variations that simply cannot be framed by any specific music style. In addition to this, the old good rock there is also waken up. Classic rock melodies created in various decades of the 20th century here are played during breaks between main performances, late at night and also – the last day of the festival as kind of relaxation and summarizing of still fresh memories, emotions and impressions. This conceptual “rockotheque” will be representing old school melodies of 80's, 90's as a contribution to the main roots of nowadays heavy music.

Despite the fact that organizers of the festival have faced some unexpected problems (like necessity to cancel the performance of American band Deicide because their European concert agency  announced about cutting down any cooperation with the band), the festival is going to be not worse than it was expected to be and because of that the ticket price has been reduced (overpaid money will be refunded).

There is no doubt that much of singularity is brought to the venue because of surroundings of the place it is held at. Anykščiai city itself is very rich in cultural and natural heritage objects and many legends beautify its representative façade. The Devil`s Stone name of the festival is closely related with one famous legend of Anykščiai city as it is told that the stone (it is called Puntukas stone here, it is the biggest stone in Lithuania) was carried by devil here many years ago in order to ruin a local church, however, the devil was too slow as sun started rising a cook piped up forcing the evil to run away immediately and to throw the stone aside.

Organizers of the Devil`s Stone open air music festival have strong ambitions to make the Devil`s Stone festival an event of European level that would attract thousands. So far things are going pretty well as in Lithuania this festival have already been declared to be a professional one.