Cold Beetroot Soup (Šaltibarščiai)

As soon as warm summer  days come to Lithuania, people go to supermarkets and buy cold kefir, pickled beetroots, cucumber and egg. What for? To make the easiest and the most delicious cold soup in Lithuania! Cold beetroot soup not only refreshes mind and body, but also lightly satiates and sweetens palate a lot.



Ingredients for 4 portions

1 liter of kefir
0,5 liter lightly sour grated pickled beetroots
400g cucumbers
3 eggs
1 kilo potatoes
green onions to taste




• Spill pickled beetroots and kefir into one big bowl.
• Chop cucumbers, put in the same bowl with kefir and beetroots and stir.
• Pear off potatoes and boil them.
• Boil hard eggs, slice them into 4 pieces and put into bowl of soup.
• Serve soup in bowls and hot boiled potatoes on a side.  Season soup with chopped green onions to taste.