Vilnius Cathedral

The Vilnius Cathedral is not only the one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces of classicism style in the Capital of Lithuania, it is also a significant historic heritage that looks like keeping a secret of those who were in furtherance of the Cathedral to stand in the heart of Vilnius.

Some ancient manuscripts tell that a pagan sacrificial stone as a temple to thunder god Perkūnas stood in the same place where the Vilnius Cathedral is now located.  The history of this glorious building begun in the middle of the 13th century when the Lithuanian King Mindaugas first erected a christian temple in order to seek a favour from the Livonian order.

The temple looked like a square Romanesque building that included a massive tower. After he died in 1263 the temple converted into a pagan place of worship. In 1387 it was renovated by the Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Jogaila again as a christian temple with five chapels on the occasion of  the second christening of Lithuania. The Cathedral suffered several fires, a terrible storm in 1769 when six people where killed by the collapsing tower, the Soviet brigandage when the Cathedral was used as a warehouse, but despite all the dificulties it has been rebuilted again and again every time it was damaged.

Nowdays the Vilnius Cathedral is located in the Cathedral Square near the park of Sereikiškės. By the way, in 1989 from the Cathedral Square in Vilnius to Riga and Tallinn the live chain of people nowdays called Baltic Road (595 km long) was streched. The full name of Vilnius Cathedral is Vilnius Cathedral Basilica of St. Stanislav and St. Vladislav. Every day a worship is set up in the Vilnius Cathedral where christians are able to pray, to feel the kindness of God surrounded by more than 40 artworks from  16-19th centuries and magnificent frescoes painted on the walls. Visitors of the Vilnius Cathedral must know that in the Cathedral`s catacombs a museum of its history is situated and if they are interested they are able to order the excursion in the Cathedral`s parsonage and to be professionally guided.

The Vilnius Cathedral is famous not only for its architecture remaining Greek temples, unpredictable past and magnificent present, but also for its magnetism which is strongly felt each time you approach to it. People say that between the Vilnius Cathedral and the Bell Tower standing in front of it there is a magic tile which is marked and seen very well.  If you step on the tile, close your eyes and turn around free times  thinking about your desire it will absolutely come true. Do not forget to try it during your stage in Vilnius!

Inside Vilnius Cathedral on the 1st of January 2009