The Cat Museum

It is almost 20 years already when the Cat Museum resounds Šiauliai city in all over the world. The museum was established in 1990 at the Center of Naturalists by Vanda Kavaliauskienė. She brought here her large collection of cats of various shapes, models and designs as there was no enough room left in her own apartment. It is a unique museum of its type in all Baltic states.

The Cat Museum includes more than 14000 exhibits. The first one was the black little kitty with yellow ribbon from Poland. It came to its hostess in 1962 and inspired her to begin collecting cats. The collection grew and turned into a convivial exceptional museum.

Nowadays not only various material cats are exposed there in the Cat Museum. Visitors can also get acquainted with cats breeding conditions, their species, character features. Statues, paintings, post cards, stamps, dishes, toys, pictures, books, even poems about cats are here available to see and to read.  The exhibits came to the museum from all over the world: England, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Cuba, African countries, Lithuania of course… The variety astonishes everyone. What is more, not only exhibits reveal the main idea of this house. Cats are everywhere you look. They are on the walls, in stained glasses of windows, banisters, lamps, chairs, carpeting… And the most important cat is the Director called alive cat Philomena. She meets guests, welcomes them, gently purrs. Despite the fact that she is already 15 years old one, she still perfectly performs her office as well as her forerunner cat Mickey used to.

The Cat Museum also organizes picture shows.  Professional artists from France, USA brought here their works and called the expositions “Cats in music and art” , “Cat Mickey`s Sitting Room”. Moreover, special theme exposition of calendars with cats or cat paintings by children from all over the world are also being arranged there.

Lately, the Cat Museum was expanded and not only 3 halls of cats are waiting to be visited. There is also an alive corner called section where various exotic animals live. Visitors can see there a python, Lithuanian grass-snake, lizards, even a cute little monkey. The two different expositions perfectly complement each other as thousands of cats may wheel round the head so direct contact with other animals helps to recover from jolly dizziness.

Every year more than 10 000 tourists from all over the world come to visit the museum. Some of them come here not for the first time as watching an up growth of the museum is really exciting. It is especially exciting when people gift the museum with some special exhibits from far away countries. The establisher, administrator of the museum  and Director Philomena are all very happy to feel the attention from cat lovers and these who sustain the really serving purpose. The Cat Museum corresponds and cooperates with cat lovers from France, Russia, Poland, Belgium, Brazil and some Mouse Museums in foreign countries.

The Cat Museum is open Tue-Sat,  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. The entrance fee is 2-4 litas.
Address: Žuvininkų g. 1, Šiauliai.