Blues Nights in Varniai

The emotional music style which was born in poor settlements of black slaves in the 19th century is blues. Nowadays blues music has many fans in all over the world as it is perhaps the only one style of music which admires not only in its nostalgic sounds, but also in telling many real life stories. Songs of blues come straight from hearts to hearts touching the most familiar human problems and ironically coloring life of many generations. Lithuania is proud to have the annual Blues music festival attracting many visitors and participants . It is the legendary Blues Nights held in Varniai near Lūkštas lake every summer for 17 years already.

Blues Nights is the only one blues festival in Lithuania. Its history started in cosy wooden hut 17 years ago. During the years it developed a lot and nowadays it is already a traditional event of the first weekend of July. The festival now is similar to world famous blues festival in Woodstock, USA as Blues Nights in Varniai is an international blues music festival including town of tents, calming surroundings of nature and of course many professional performers from Lithuania and many countries abroad. Democratic atmosphere and live music attracts thousands of different people. Each year the festival reaps great response in Lithuanian informational sources and it also has many supporting sponsors.

In 2009 the festival offered not only soul exercising, but also body excercising! The program of the festival was broadened attaching the idea of arranging local professional basketball tourney “Three against three”. So, since 2009 basketball implemented the list of tamed sports in the festival where there already are football and volleyball. The propagation of sports can be also implemented while riding water cycles, boats and canoes in the Lūkštas lake. As soon as people get warm and sweaty, they can simply jump into the lake and refresh again.  Got hungry? No problem – a traditional bouillabaisse is served for visitors to fortify. In 2009 there were concocted more than 1000 liters of the soup.  The total pleasure was counted only after listening to such blues artists like The Cadilac Kings (UK), Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraise (USA),  Blues Caravan (USA), The Jumping Cats (RU) and Lithuanian grants such like Blues Makers, Arina & Veto Bank and many more.

Can there be a better summer weekend than the one including fantastic atmosphere, great company, sports activities, good food, sleeping under starred sky and hearty live music? Blues nights festival in Varniai include all these facilities so do not miss a chance to participate and have a good time there.