Bicycle Museum

The first Bicycle Museum in Šiauliai was opened in 1980 in a bicycle factory “Vairas”. In 1985 the exposition was removed to the place it is now located and after 5 more years the museum became subdivision of the most famous Šiauliai museum “Aušra”. The exposition was renewed in 2004 under theme “Bicycle and Lithuania”. Although the name of exposition might sound strange , the relation between bicycles and Lithuania is revealed by displaying the most popular bicycles ever used in Lithuania. There are 348 exhibits, 79 of which are bicycles and 3 velomobiles.

Visitors of the Bicycle Museum might get acquainted with the history of bicycle since time when the vehicle was just invented. The first home-made Lithuanian bicycles made of wood and iron are exposed there. The most attention catching exhibit is an original bicycle made in 19th century.

Another unique exhibit is the bicycle survived till nowadays from the beginning of 20th century called Grandpa. Also a very interesting exhibit is a 100 years old iron baby tricycle. Obviously, baby`s,  formerly joined the tricycle, grandchildren have already grown up  and buy an up to day tricycles for their children already… An interesting fact is that former home-made bicycles did not include tires so they used to shake their riders. Because of that bicycles where usually called “boneshakers”.  The exposition also includes such interesting exhibits like 23 years old bicycle created in Czechoslovakia for playing veloball and for figure riding, an American mountain bike, a tricycle for grownups, military bicycle, a sport bicycle including wooden rims. In addition to this, the original bicycle named Red Bull, which a Lithuanian traveler Sigitas Kučas ride while his trip around the world on bicycle. Also there are some models of bicycles made by jewelers that undoubtedly can claim to be written into the Guinness Record Book.

Not only interesting expositions are available at the Bicycle Museum as the Museum personnel organize educational lectures especially liked by schoolchildren groups. Schoolchildren may  listen to stories about the most famous Lithuanian bicycle travelers, about their lifestyle and adventures. In addition to this, visitors might have a lesson about bicycles repair in order to learn how to fix their bicycle and what are the most often failures of bicycle. As schoolchildren are the ones who ride bicycles more often than other people so they are taught rules of traffic safety.

Once you come to Šiauliai, visiting the Bicycle Museum is not less important than having a walk in the Šiauliai Boulevard. Visiting the Museum is not only reviewing many different exhibitions as visitors are able to learn many useful things from real professionals.