In 2007 Lithuania faced a brand new phenomena called Be2gether. That is a great 3 days lasting festival of music and arts located by the legendary Norviliškės castle. Crowds of young people from all over the Lithuania gathers there and falls to an absolute relaxation surrounded by nature, nonstop live music and other happy people all spending days and nights in cosy tents or in number of thematic lees while searching for inspiration or simple joy.

The festival attracts youth in number of high quality performances by world famous musicians as well as in wide variety of entertainments. The festival participants are being encouraged to free their creativity while attending art classes, to free their madness while bathing in mud, taking an extreme activities like jumping with the bicycle on a hay stacks and to do many other crazy or simply unusual things in order to feel the real Be2gether spirit. Be2gether remains a little town where there is everything what is necessary including wild variety of cafes and bars that are the most popular in civilized Lithuania, night clubs settled in huge tents, a barber, a bathhouse, water entertainments and even the open air cinema theatre.

Be2gether propagates many other activities  that could be done together too. In 2008 occasions like Drum2getger and Georgia2gether were held in Vilnius. In order to encourage and support Georgia as a country where the war began then, a huge fiesta of drums directed by one of the most famous Lithuanian  drum virtuosos was arranged. In addition to this, Be2gether propagates other social responsibilities like the  green campaign.  The company invites and prompts people to recycle the waste, to sow greenery and to ride bicycles rather than polluting the earth by driving cars. Those social activities are widely supported by Lithuanian musicians, businessmen and public figures.

2010 is the 4th summer already when many active Lithuanian people are preparing for having great time in Be2gether festival. It is going to be held in 25-27th of June.  It is laughingly agreed that the most important inventor for everyone to obtain before coming to Be2gether includes the dance shoes matching gumboots and the hotel room matching tent. Whatever else you might need you can afford straight in Be2gether or simply borrow from many friendly people always ready to help and to find new friends. For sure, the  Be2gether catchword “Music opens the walls”  is an applicable idea to some purpose! Release your inside animal!