Aukštaitija bicycle tour in Gražutė regional park (51 km)

Aukštaitija Gražutė Regional park tour mapGražutė Regional park is located in Zarasai district, Aukštaitija region. This bicycle course runs through beautiful arboreous and laky landscape including 6 lakes,  values of cultural heritage like mounds, linden trees in Gulbinė forest and ecologic beekeeping farmstead.  The bicycle course includes 2 resting places, 3 beautiful grounds for respite, 3 camps on lakes of Asavas and Luodis where equipment and fireplaces are available.  The tour begins in Salakas town.
• Salakas (K) - The center town of Gražutė regional park, there a professional tourist information is provided. In local tourism center there is an exposition of Salakas ethnographical region located. From this place drive 5,7 km
• Čepeliškės (B) - around this area there are Čepeliškės mounds of 9-12th century located. Some of these mounds are a bit ripped by treasure hunters . From this place drive 3,6 km
• Varniškės (C) -  near this town there is a small village called Kiemionys where lagoon of Antalieptė attracts attention. This lagoon has formed in 1959 from 26 different lakes after rising of water level because of hydroelectricity. From this place drive 1,4 km
• Pakerniškės (D) - while passing by Pakerniškės village, amazing views of Ūsius lake will appear. From this place drive 2,9 km
• Tiltiškės (E) - in this village there is an Energetics museum located where more than 2000 exhibits are exposed. From this place drive 9,9 km
• Gulbinė, Zarasų sen (F) - this village holds interesting natural monuments – three-stem lindens. Local inhabitants believe these trees have supernatural treating powers. From this place drive 2 km
• Rakšiškės (G) – a bit further from Rakšiškės there is a mound called Batarėja located which s dated back 1000 years. From this place drive 3 km
• Samava (H) – driving along this place beautiful view of Samavas lake opens. Also, an old cemetery will also be passed by. From this place drive 1,3 km
• Pagraužė (I) - driving along this place beautiful view of Samavas lake opens. When passing by Rūsteikiai, stop to visit old Orthodox church, Rusteikiai mounds.  From this place drive 16,8 km
• Giteniškė (J) - From this place drive 4,4 km
• Salakas (K) - The end of your trip.