Aukštaitija (Highlands)

Aukštaitija is located in a north eastern and east region of the country. In this region the nucleus of the Grand Duke of Lithuania was formed there around the 11th century. Aukštaitija is the largest Lithuanian region. The region distinguishes from others in its free planned homesteads, villages build according to street plan, its beer and songs. Actually, it is hard to tell whether people of Aukštaitija started singing or drinking beer first. Songs of Aukštaitija are of a very unique sound. The famous thousand year old sutartinės that is a typical genre of songs in Aukštaitija, retained the typical musical and poetical form.  The region is also famous for colorful traditional textiles and national costumes. In addition to this, the culinary and brewery are also meaningful for the region as Aukštaitija is a member of Culinary Heritage in Europe. Aukštaitija is a region of good singers and delicious food where people pronounce protracted vowels.

In Aukštaitija there are enough places to visit. To begin with, the longest lake  in Lithuania Sartai is not only a spectacular nature recess, but also a place where a unique annual horseracing is held. People from all over Lithuania as well as from foreign neighbor countries come here at winter and enjoy the vivid show held here in Aukštaitija. The region is also famous for its literary city Anykščiai where famous Lithuanian writers like Jonas Biliūnas, Antanas Baranauskas, Jonas Mačiulis – Maironis and Antanas Vienuolis  lived and created. Aukštaitija is also rich in natural works such like Puntukas stone which weights approximately 265 tones. The stone is a significant monument of history, nature and mythology as pictures of world famous Lithuanian pilots Darius and Girėnas are graven in it. According to archeologists, the stone was brought there by Scandinavian glaciers, however, the mythology say that the stone was carried by an evil to demolish the local church, but he had to drop it and run away when the first sun beams appeared. In addition to this, the oldest tree in Lithuania still grows in Aukštaitija, it is the old Stelmužė oak, one of the oldest trees in Europe. It is approximately 1500 years old and its diameter is about 3,5 meters. In addition to this, when travelling across the Aukštaitija region, do not miss a chance to visit a unique Horse museum. The museum is a very first Saturday of June the Horse museum invites people to participate in a joyful traditional sport and ethnography fest  “Run, run, horse”.

Aukštaitija is the region often attended by visitors, famous for its beautiful surroundings and urban places. Nice songs, delicious regional dishes and lyric atmosphere are the things best describing the Aukštaitija region.