Arka Gallery

Arka Gallery is one of 4 galleries belonging to Lithuanian Artist Union. It was opened in 1990 as one of  manifestations of Lithuanian independence. Arka Gallery is located in Vilnius Old town, in scenic architectural ensemble of Bazilijonai monastery. 6 exhibition halls occupying quadrature of 500 sq. meters represent artworks created by world famous artists, photographers, textile masters and another kind of creators reflecting visual art.

Per 1 year the gallery organizes about 40 exhibitions. It is quiet an intensive work requiring close cooperation with many artists from Lithuania and abroad as well as with other cultural institutions, museums and galleries. The inspirational atmosphere is used here not only for exposing art works, but also for arranging thematic art evenings, conferences, representations of new art prints or books, and also as a stage for various artistic performances. As many other galleries, Arka Gallery is also constructively working on issuing catalogues and advertisement labels representing and recording the most important art manifestations appearing nowadays in Lithuania and abroad.

Arka Gallery represents Lithuanian artists such like Rimas Zigmas Bičiūnas, Jonas Daniliauskas, Palemonas Janonis, Dalia Kasčiūnaitė, Aleksandras Vozbinas, Vidmantas Jusionis. Gallery Arka is broadly spreading news about Lithuanian artists while organizing its exhibitions in far away countries. For example, in 2010 February - March , Arka Gallery has brought its collection named “Lithuanian season” crated by 30 Lithuanian artists to Washington, to a private gallery “Alex” . That was the first time when Lithuanian artists had such a mass national exhibition in United States representing particularly Lithuanian art. Hopefully, such exceptional venues will be organized more often and will let the World get acquainted with unique Lithuanian art better. As the exposition was moved, right now it is available in Chicago, in Čiurlionis Gallery located in Youth Center. It will be available until 2010 August 15.

Arka Gallery is really worth visiting so whenever you are in Vilnius, after visiting the miracle Gate of Dawn, do not forget to visit the nearby located gallery.

Address: Aušros vartų 7, Vilnius
Open: Tue-Fri  12:00 PM-7:00 PM, Sat – 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM, Entrance – free of charge.