Architecture in Lithuania

There is no doubt that it is very important to preserve and refresh the architectural values in Lithuania as they create the urban face of the country and distinguish it from other nations.  Architectural and urban heritage objects are these elements of cultural landscape that are the most profound and for this reason must be preserved by government as well as by society. In recent years, the historical places of the biggest cities in Lithuania faced the influence of new buildings. Somehow the new projects affected the old environment and the results are hardly discussed nowadays. In addition to this, many architectural buildings or even entire formations in smaller cities in Lithuania are not involved into the Register of Culture Worth because of financial problems, so the risk to be destructed or changed irreversibly is even bigger.

Actually, nowadays the historical and cultural environment associates not only with a prestige and social status, but also – with a financial benefits, so the private builders are always orientated into buildings of as great capacity as it is possible regardless of the preservation of local architecture. On the other hand, the mechanism of investment to architectural heritage by European Union leaves a hope to society that the greatest Lithuanian architectural treasures will be restored and preserved.

The most famous Lithuanian buildings of typical architectural style:

Vilnius University, Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, the Low Vilnius Castle, the Biržai Castle, Šiauliai Cathedral, Raudonė Castle


Church of St. Peter and Paul in Vilnius, church of Sts. John, church of St. Casimir in Vilnius; church of All Saints in Vilnius, Monastery of Pažaislis in Kaunas, ensemble of St. Mary the Virgin and Monastery of Bernardines in Tytuvėnai, Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Varniai, church of St. Stanislav in Beržor, church of Mary the Virgin in Kražiai,  

Vilnius Cathedral, Vilnius Town Hall, Presidential Palace in Vilnius, Observatory of Vilnius University, church of John the Baptist in Čiobiškis, church of Jacob the Apostle in Jonava, Tyzenhauz Palace in Vilnius, Palace of Paežeriai, Gate of Dawn

Church of St. Anne in Vilnius, Trakai Island Castle,  church of St. Gertrude in Kaunas, church of St. Mikalojus in Kaunas, Kaunas Castle

Church of St. John the Baptist in Plungė

Contemporary Art Centre