Amber Gallery

Amber Gallery in Vilnius offers its visitors to observe an untradtional collection of amber articles and also of some other unexpected ancient relicts found right here, in the building where the gallery is located. It is part of amber galleries complex in Lithuania as Amber galleries are also established in Nida and Palanga. Beautiful collections were collected in 20 years from a seaside in Juodkrantė and Nida.

Undoubtedly, a visit to the gallery will be a memorable jorney back through centuries, back through millions years and forward to beautiful world of jewelry made of Lithuanian original amber.

The Amber Gallery can be found in Vilnius Old town. The building where the Amber Gallery is now located in 1995 was bought by Mizgiriai family in order to implement their dream – to open there an Amber Gallery. They were really surprised when they realized that the same building has also a very valuable ancient relicts in its basement. There were found several  ancient stoves for ceramics roasting built in 15th century! These stoves nowadays are also exposed together with marvelous amber exhibits. Later on, archeologists made a research in the building and it was stated  that going down from the upper halls to the basement of the gallery, you pass through different centuries as walls differ from each other revealing different layers of centuries.

Amber is a semiprecious stone found in Baltic sea region, moslty in Lithuanian, Russian and Latvian seasides. Originally, it is a fossil gum which solidified preserving inside inclusions of insects or plants that felt into fresh pine gum 50 million years ago and oviously stuck there forever of the same shape and form. It is a typical geological structure of Baltic seaside which is well known as a beautiful valuable founding not only in Baltic countries, but also in faraway lands. It is well known that ancient Rome was actively bartering with Balts offering them expensive clothes, jewelry and metals and asking for Baltic amber, wax and honey.

According to artists, amber as a material is very interesting as its pieces are all of different shapes, colors and structures.  What is more, when processing it, it changes its features: new color nuances, inside bubbles, clouds and shadows appear inside it. So, amber jewelry and other articles are all unique and original. They all keep 50 million years old history of our Earth beautifying today.

Address: St. Mykolo str. 8, Open hours: Mon - Sun 10:00 - 7:00 PM