Varniai, LithuaniaVarniai is the little town located in Samogitia (Žemaitija), in the region of Telšiai, with only approximately  1300 inhabitants.

Žemaitija National Park

Žematija National Park is located in the North western Lithuania. It is a gorgeous nature recess occupying an area of almost 22 thousand hectares . It is recommended for people who are interested in natural environment, unique regional traditions and various activities like cycling, kayaking, diving, fishing, bird watching…  This region is famous for its lakes, traditional fests and water activities so do not miss a chance to get acquainted to it closer.

Plokštinė Nuclear Missile Launch Site

In 1960 more than 10 000 Soviet soldiers started secret works in Žemaitija National Park that took 2 years. The out of the way forest near Plungė was carefully chosen to become a secret base to carry the Soviet Nuclear Weapons. The base was situated here and became famous as a Plokštinė nuclear missile launch site. The base was one of the top Soviet military secrets that was revealed by USA reconnaissance only in 1978.


Šiauliai is the 4th biggest Lithuanian city located in North Lithuania. There are approximately 130000 inhabitants living in the 81 km2 area of the city. Despite being in North Lithuania, Šiauliai is called the City of Sun because of some historical circumstances. Šiauliai citizens are very proud of their city and are always happy to welcome city guests while showing them the best what they have.

Hill Of Crosses

Almost each and every country has a pilgrimage center that is the central hub for many centuries. In Lithuania one of the most important pilgrimage centers is the Hill of Crosses. It is a depiction of Christianity and literally looks like its` name suggests - it really is a hill of crosses.

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