Soham Yoga Center

Soham Yoga CenterThe Soham Yoga center is a non profit organization which was established to spread knowledge about yoga. People here are tought using well prepared methods based on practical, scientific and classical attitude to western life style. 5 basic yoga aspects will help everyone to develope spiritual and physical personality.

SEB Arena

SEB ArenaThe multifunctional sports and wellness complex "SEB Arena" is a great place. The whole infrastructure of the complex offers a wide spectrum of services for active rest for the whole family.

Daugirdas Gym

Daugirdas Gym sports clubProfessional boxing trainings with instructions of multifold prizemen of various championships, modern gym, yoga studio where harmony of mind and body will be found - everything is available here at "Daugirdas Gym" sports club. Might sound unexpectedly, but even boxing for women here is available!


Stimulus sports clubSTIMULUS studio was established in order to teach how to have a fit, slim, proportional body and self balance. The studio offers harmonious  mind – body workouts  in groups of not more than 15 people. Yoga,  Callanetics, Pilates, Body balance, Cross-training are an excellent activities for women who like cosy environment and careful attention of professional trainers.


EolaEola is the most popular, modern and the biggest sport club in Klaipėda. Visitors may find here not only these amenities usually available in a good sport club, but aslo many more addtional services. More than 60 training sessions of aerobics, yoga, aerobic bikes and various dances per week are held there.

Ąžuolynas sports and health center

Ąžuolynas sports and health centerThe whole glazed body of the Ąžuolynas (Oakery) sports and health center is lifted on metal pillars to the height of the second storey. The underneath place is being used for car parking and service rooms. In the Eastern part of the building there is a café and a balcony where tennis games can be watched.

Arena Gym

Arena GymThe "Arena gym" sport club is located in a newely opened  Šiauliai arena. Sporty people are welcome to enjoy an active life here in a gym hall or 2 aerobic halls. While parents excercise, their children may have fun at a special game room. Running paths are located in front of large windows so people may watch the outside park. clients are also invited to enjoy a morning cup of coffee at a sport club bar.

Body Gym

Body GymBody Gym”  wellness and sport club offers its` visitors services from a long list of wellness activities. Spacious, bright and perfectly ventilated gym and 2 aerobic halls are waiting for those who like active life.

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