XVII century

Trinapolis Church and Monastery

In Vilnius Verkiai regional park there an old baroque ensemble of Trinapolis church and monastery is located. Everyone going down the Verkiai street pays an attention to a beautiful church decorating shores of Neris river. The two tower church and an oblong rectangular moanstery welcome visitors to go upstairs and admire the mistyc atmsphere around there.

Šiauliai Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

The Šiauliai Cathedral is one of the most visited by pilgrims prayer house in Lithuania. There is nothing to be surprised about: located really close to the main center of pilgrimage attraction, the Hill of Crosses, Šiauliai Cathedral is almost always visited by pilgrims for confession after their visit to Hill of Crosses.

Ensemble of Pažaislis church and monastery

The ensemble of Pažaislis church and monastery is one of the most impressive architectural examples of late Italian baroque in North East Europe.  For this beautiful masterpiece now we should be thankful for the  Great Chancellor Krzysztof Zygmunt Pac of Grand Duchy of Lithuania who founded it in 1662.

The Bastion of Vilnius Defensive Wall

A hill over Vilnius city called Barbakanas contains some masonry buildings. It is the former Vilnius defensive wall and the bastion. Nowadays used as a nice place to relax, have a rest or join nice friend companies, long time ago it was a place where trash and death flourished.

St. Peter and St. Paul's Church

A church best representing baroque style in Lithuania is the St. Peter and St. Pauls` church in Vilnius, Antakalnis area. This church is well known for its impressive interior. According to a legend at the same place where the church stands nowadays there stood a temple for Milda, Lithuanian pagan goddess of love and matchmaking.

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