XIV century

Vilnius Town Hall

In the very center of Vilnius city on the crossing of 2 famous streets – Didžioji (The Great) Street and Vokiečių (Germans) Street, for almost 600 years the Vilnius Town Hall stands in the middle of Town Hall Square. Of course, it is not the same building first built in the 15th century, however, this location has always been important for massing cultural, political and public events.

St. Anne's Church

The Roman catholic St. Anne’s Church in Vilnius was built on the left bank of Vilnia river. Various art forms are found here that were delicately brought together by the best craftsmen. Mostly dominanting are the Brick Gothic style, the flamboyant Gothic style and the late Lithuanian Gothic style. Located right in front of the Bernadine Church, St. Anne’s Church is a very beautiful and pristine architectural structure that accurately represents Lithuanian culture and art.

Kaunas Castle


Located near the main avenue in Kaunas called Freedom avenue, the Kaunas Castle is easy to find and both  - interesting and useful to visit. This gothic building used to serve for defensive purposes long time ago, but nowadays it is the main tourism information center in Kaunas.

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