Cross Crafting

In 2001 UNESCO declared the list of first 19 immaterial and oral heritage objects. Lithuanian cross crafting (kryždirbystė lit.) and symbolism of crosses was also included into this list. There is nothing to be surprised about as traditional Lithuanian crosses – it is unique masterpieces of combination of architecture, blacksmith,  sculpture and painting.

Vilnius Old Town

The heart of the Capital of Lithuania is the beautiful Vilnius Old Town included into UNESCO World heritage list. It is the oldest part of Vilnius on the left shore of river Neris. Nowadays Vilnius Old Town is not only a heritage of old Lithuanian civilization, but also an exclusive bystander of past cultural lifestyle traditions.


Kernavė is a unique Lithuanian 5 mounds complex in Baltic states. It reveals the old disappeared culture, civilization and the most important periods of Lithuanian history. The town was included into UNESCO World Heritage list in 1994 and nowadays is a marvelous Lithuanian corner where visitors are able to feel the power of past in this vicinity.

The Lithuanian Song and Dance Celebration

The Lithuanian Song and Dance Celebration (Dainų šventė) is an undoubtedly significant Lithuanian cultural tradition when the human self-expression, love and solidarity for the homeland create the unforgettable event where thousands are able to participate in, and which attracts visitors from all over the world , especially Lithuanian emigrants to come back home at least for one magnificent week.

Curonian Spit National Park

A spindling 98 km long strip of land locked in waters of the Baltic sea from West and the Curonian Lagoon form East is a beautiful creation of nature and people endeavor. The present landscape of the Curonian Spit was mostly formed by people trying to put a bridle on winds and sand. That`s why the Curonian Spit was admitted to be a National Park, what is more,it is an exceptional case of human and nature conjunction that was included into UNESCO World Heritage List.

Hill Of Crosses

Almost each and every country has a pilgrimage center that is the central hub for many centuries. In Lithuania one of the most important pilgrimage centers is the Hill of Crosses. It is a depiction of Christianity and literally looks like its` name suggests - it really is a hill of crosses.

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