Transfer and Transportation services offers reliable transfer and transportation services

We have suitable offers for wide-range of customers  that can vary from one person to a large group of people.  Ground transportation available from one point to another  - conveniently,  flexibly and for a reasonable price. Transport means  from economy cars to comfortable modern buses with drivers for more than 50 passengers can be rent for short or long term trips.

Our services:

Suvalkija bicycle tour (44 km)

Suvalkija bicycle tourKazlų Rūda is famous for many meaningful monuments, beautiful places and talented craftsmen who have beautified their hometown for centuries.

Žemaitija bicycle tour (54 km)

Žemaitija bicycle tour map A necessary part of this tour is a railroad. Analyse train schedules and organize your time in a way that would let you reach the beginning of the tour (Dūseikiai) and your home from Pavenčiai on time. Taking this tour is a very interesting way to get acquainted with Žemaitija region.
• Dūseikiai (A) – train station – jump out and go towards Ubiškės.

Dzūkija bicycle tour, Marcinkonys surroundings (36 km)

Dzūkija bicycle tour mapThe course extends 27 kilometers. It runs through valley of Skroblus river where number of clear springs flow, where unique flora and fauna create a unique natural surroundings and a marvelous Bakanauskas swamps is here also located. The village of Margionys will be one of the most interesting stops odf the route as it is famous for its cultual traditions.

Seaside bicycle tour (52 km)

Seaside bicycle tour mapThis course is probably the most impressive in Lithuania as it extends through spectacular nature of Curonian Spit which is included into UNESCO World heritage list. Pine forests, dunes, sea breeze – this is a real pleasure for bicyclers. Cycling the hard shoulders of the main road of Curonian Lagoon will be very pleasant and comfortable.

Spa Holiday Package

Spoil yourself in Lithuanian Spa centers where professional equipment, staff and cosmetic will help you to revitalize your skin, body and mind. Competitive prices in popular Lithuanian Spa resorts are undoubtedly the winners in European Spa industry. Spa in Druskininkai, Vilnius, Kaunas.

All SPA centers here.

Golf Tour Package

Playing golf is kind of training, relaxation and even meditation! You only concentrate to the ball and the hole. Your mind becomes clear and clean. You feel your main goal very close. These are an undoubtedly exciting moments.

Golf centers here.

Folk Tour Package

Incredible experience is guaranteed for everyone taking the Folk Tour package. Refreshing winds of past times when the daily life was much slower, but much more natural and positive will help to regenerate and reorder your values and true purposes.

Cuisine Tour Package

One of the nicest parts in every far away journey is eating local national dishes. Lithuania has much to offer for foreigners. Although its cuisine is pretty fatty, it is important to try Lithuanian “cepelinai”,” kugelis”, “vėdarai” and so on... Lithuanian cuisine is worth to be tasted.  Gero apetito! (Bon Appetit!)

Jewish Tour Package

Lithuania is one of the most popular countries for Jewish tourists from Israel, USA, Great Britain as there used to live many Jewish families and still many objects of Jewish heritage remained. Vilnius city is even called the North Jerusalem.

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