Suvalkija bicycle tour (44 km)

Suvalkija bicycle tourKazlų Rūda is famous for many meaningful monuments, beautiful places and talented craftsmen who have beautified their hometown for centuries.


Marijampolė is the 7th biggest city in Lithuania. It is situated in the East West Lithuania. Everyone in Lithuania knows that Marijampolė is an informal capital of Suvalkija. It is only 56 kilometers far from Kaunas. The territory of the city occupies 2050,7 hectares and is separated into 2 parts by Šešupė river. 6 bridges connects each city part from another. The city is mostly famous for many important historical personalities that used to live there.

Suvalkija (Sūduva)

The region is located in southern and south-western Lithuania on the other side of Nemunas river. Because of its location, Suvalkija is also called Užnemunė (other side of Nemunas). In fact, Suvalkija covers the lands of historical tribe of Sūduviai. That’s  the reason for the name of the region. Suvalkija is a very loam land where large green fields occupies the biggest part of it. The single homesteads surrounded by greenery are scattered around the region likewise little green islands.

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