Spa procedures


SanabellaSanabella is a professional cosmetology salon providing services of SPA and massage procedures. As it was established by a cosmetologist, all services are perfectly adopted to all possible needs of aesthetical care and complex rejuvenation. Procedures here are offered for clients depending on their personal skin type, allergic reactions and age.

Gauda Spa Home

Gauda SPAGauda SPA Home was opened by a proffesional cosmetologist who really knows what is best preserving beauty and regaining strenth. Therapeutics of state of wightlessness, luminous massage table ZERO, special procedures for future mothers and seniors will let anyone feel here perfect. Even lessons of selfmassage, photo gallery and atelje and tea ceremonies here are available.

Shanti Ayurveda SPA Centre

Ayurveda Spa centreIt is well known that one of the oldest and the most effective wellness systems is ayurveda. As the main purpose of ayurveda sience is treating people to live in a way which would never let them get any deseases, Ayurveda Spa centre is a very good place to begin the jorney to helthier lifestyle.

Azia Spa

Azia SpaAzia Spa is a cosy oriental massage salon in Vilnius Old town. There are welcome everybody willing to escape from daily routine and to feel eastern spirit, to indulge in fragrant atmosphere enjoying delighting cup of tea.

East Island Druskininkai

East Island SPAIn Druskininkai East Island SPA centre clients are delighted with oriental massages and exotic body procedures. Located in Druskininkai Aqua Park and occupying a territory of mroe than 500 sq. meters, this SPA centre invites everybody to enter a magnificient world of beauty and relaxation.

East Island Vilnius

East Island SPA VilniusEast Island SPA centre is one of the biggest SPA paradises in Vilnius city. Variety of procedures here available is pretty increadible. It might astonish even those who`ve seen a lot!

SPA Vilnius DIA

Vilnius Spa DiaThe newly opened "SPA Vilnius DIA" is a day SPA centre located in a prestigious central Vilnius part. Highly experienced beauty specialists here provide clients with revitalizing body and facial procedures. More than 120 different SPA procedures, 51 special ELEMIS procedures and a range of traditional Druskininkai resort massages will satisfy all possible needs of SPA pleasure lovers.

Spa Vilnius Sana

Vilnius Spa SanaSpa Vilnius Sana is established in Druskininkai resort which is well known specifically as a SPA resort. Spa Vilnius Sana is proud to have nearby a spring of mineral water that provides highly mineralized water straight to the SPA. This SPA is working for people who want to improve their physical and mental health.

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