Soviet Heritage

The Green Bridge

If you are in Vilnius you will definitely have to cross Neris river going through one of Vilnius bridges. One of the most famous bridges is the Green Bridge (Žaliasis tiltas) which is well known for its Soviet sculptures decorating its ends.

Rainiai Memorial

3 kilometers far from Telšiai there is a Rainiai village. The village is marked with several inhuman historical facts.  In memory for those who survived here the Rainiai Memorial was built. The memorial temple holds authentic relicts, documents of the brutal act which was held there.

The Museum of Genocide Victims

Lithuania has faced a lot of historic trials during its national existence. One of the most damaging and painful experiences was the Soviet Occupation in 1940-1990 when the Lithuanian independence, sovereignty and political system was inhumanly despoiled by the Soviet military forces. In order to mention those who suffered during the occupation and to collect the documents and other materials that tell the cruel historic truth about the genocide against the Lithuanian inhabitants, the Museum of Genocide Victims was set up in 1992.

Grūtas Park

In 2010 the crazy Grūtas Park was officially declared to be one of 10 the strangest museums in the World. Grūtas Park is 130 kilometers far from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania  and only 8 kilometers far from Druskininkai city, which is also called the Lithuanian spa town.

Plokštinė Nuclear Missile Launch Site

In 1960 more than 10 000 Soviet soldiers started secret works in Žemaitija National Park that took 2 years. The out of the way forest near Plungė was carefully chosen to become a secret base to carry the Soviet Nuclear Weapons. The base was situated here and became famous as a Plokštinė nuclear missile launch site. The base was one of the top Soviet military secrets that was revealed by USA reconnaissance only in 1978.

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