Šiauliai Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

The Šiauliai Cathedral is one of the most visited by pilgrims prayer house in Lithuania. There is nothing to be surprised about: located really close to the main center of pilgrimage attraction, the Hill of Crosses, Šiauliai Cathedral is almost always visited by pilgrims for confession after their visit to Hill of Crosses.

The Cat Museum

It is almost 20 years already when the Cat Museum resounds Šiauliai city in all over the world. The museum was established in 1990 at the Center of Naturalists by Vanda Kavaliauskienė. She brought here her large collection of cats of various shapes, models and designs as there was no enough room left in her own apartment. It is a unique museum of its type in all Baltic states.

Bicycle Museum

The first Bicycle Museum in Šiauliai was opened in 1980 in a bicycle factory “Vairas”. In 1985 the exposition was removed to the place it is now located and after 5 more years the museum became subdivision of the most famous Šiauliai museum “Aušra”. The exposition was renewed in 2004 under theme “Bicycle and Lithuania”. Although the name of exposition might sound strange , the relation between bicycles and Lithuania is revealed by displaying the most popular bicycles ever used in Lithuania.


Šiauliai is the 4th biggest Lithuanian city located in North Lithuania. There are approximately 130000 inhabitants living in the 81 km2 area of the city. Despite being in North Lithuania, Šiauliai is called the City of Sun because of some historical circumstances. Šiauliai citizens are very proud of their city and are always happy to welcome city guests while showing them the best what they have.

Hill Of Crosses

Almost each and every country has a pilgrimage center that is the central hub for many centuries. In Lithuania one of the most important pilgrimage centers is the Hill of Crosses. It is a depiction of Christianity and literally looks like its` name suggests - it really is a hill of crosses.

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