The Museum of Orvydai Homestead

Sometimes out of the way corners may surprise even those who have seen a lot. One of such an amazing places is the Orvydai homestead located in the north west Lithuania in a little village of Gargždelė. It is an amazing place both for its environment created here and for the atmosphere. For some mystic reasons visitors from all over Lithuania and foreign countries come here in order to satisfy their curiosity, regain strength after tough life moments and relax.


Zarasai is a beautiful town located in North East Lithuania, 3 km from the border with Latvia. Despite the fact that in comparison with other Lithuanian cities it is quite small as it includes just 8000 inhabitants, it is a center of Zarasai district and also it is an active participant of various national as well as international cultural and educational projects.


Kernavė is a unique Lithuanian 5 mounds complex in Baltic states. It reveals the old disappeared culture, civilization and the most important periods of Lithuanian history. The town was included into UNESCO World Heritage list in 1994 and nowadays is a marvelous Lithuanian corner where visitors are able to feel the power of past in this vicinity.

Ventė Cape (Horn)

Ventė Cape is an idiosyncratic  recess in Lithuania located in Šilutė district on a peninsula in the eastern side of Curonian Lagoon. More than 50 thousand visitors come each year there in order to get acquainted with one of the most important spot of birds migration in the world. In addition, visitors are able to admire the beautiful landscape which opens from the top of the unique old lighthouse located there.


This little settlement is the center of Veliuona parish in Jurbarkas district. It is located on the right shore of Nemunas covering the area of 12000 ha with a bit more than 900 inhabitants. Veliuona town is one of the most beautiful and interesting Lithuanian towns. According to archeological researches, this area was first populated in a stone age, 10.000 years ago. What is more, it is a very important historical area as for centuries there stood a famous Veliuona castle.


Varniai, LithuaniaVarniai is the little town located in Samogitia (Žemaitija), in the region of Telšiai, with only approximately  1300 inhabitants.

Mosėdis Stone Museum

In the North West of Lithuania there is a little village named Mosėdis, which is famous for its unique Museum of Rare Stones. More than 150 000 different stones (the smallest probably weights less than a gramme, and the largest more than 50 tons) and pebbles are being exposed in the area of 8 ha in Bartuva river’s field. The story of the museum began when its former, doctor Vaclovas Intas, suddenly saw a marvelous 50 kg weighting stone in a neighbor village after being out on rounds in 1957.

Museum of Rumšiškės

The Museum of Rumšiškės was established by Lthuanian Ministry of Culture . Rumšiškės itself is a town situated about 30 kilometers far from Kaunas. A lot of evidences supporting the fact about this area to be settled in 1508 can be found in written sources. Even some bronze artifacts were discovered in 1953 here. Established in 1966, the Museum of Rumšiškės was finally opened to the public 8 years later in  1974.


A perfect place to have a great rest in beautiful natural surroundings and quietness is a Šventoji resort located on the shore of Baltic sea.  Number of cosy cottages scattered in flavorful pinewoods, a fine net of sandy paths leading to the seaside and marvelous Lithuanian seaside  nature creates a perfect atmosphere for holiday.


Hill Of Crosses

Almost each and every country has a pilgrimage center that is the central hub for many centuries. In Lithuania one of the most important pilgrimage centers is the Hill of Crosses. It is a depiction of Christianity and literally looks like its` name suggests - it really is a hill of crosses.

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