Tuskulėnai Manor and Quiet park

Tuskulėnai Quiet park occupying territory of 7,5 hectares is an important historical and architectural monument of Vilnius city as people here can enjoy marvelous views of recently renovated Tuskulėnai Manor buildings of late classicism style  or pray for hundreds of right there buried victims of Soviet regime.


Perhaps even most Lithuanians do not know that in 2007 Anykščiai was declared to be a resort territory. This legendary town is not only famous for growing up classic Lithuanian writers whose novels and poems are well known even for first grade schoolchildren, but the town is also filling a gap of recreational services in North Lithuania as Lithuanian resorts are scattered in a very salutatory way in Lithuania.


Biržai town is located in the North Lithuania, near the border with Latvia. It is called the pearl of North Lithuania as it has a colorful history, many beautiful lakes and rivers as well as locally produced very strong beer resounding Biržai city in all Lithuania. The towns occupies territory of 16,35 sq. kilometers and there live more than 14 000 inhabitants.


Kėdainiai is one of the oldest Lithuanian cities located in the very center of Lithuania. Famous for cucumber cultivation, a few  charismatic local public characters, and its exceptional Old town Kėdainiai city is declared to be a meaningful center of Lithuanian industry and transit. In the territory of 25,5 square kilometers more than 35 000 inhabitants create a colorful daily life here.


Jonava region is one of the smallest in Lithuania. Located in center Lithuania, Kaunas district, Jonava city occupies territory of 10,6 square kilometers where more than 34 000 inhabitants live. Neris river, well developed street net, beautiful parks, ponds and ”Achema” factory are the words best describing Jonava city nowadays.


Mažeikiai is a city located in North Lithuania on the shore of river Venta. It is only 10 kilometers far from the board with Latvia. Its location is a bit away from the rest of other bigger Lithuanian cities thus Mažeikiai is pretty influential one in the region. Overall in the district of Mažeikiai there live almost 66 000 people, almost 41 000 live in Mažeikiai. The Mažeikiai region is one of the most populous regions in Lithuania.


Kretinga is a town located in West Lithuania in the Klaipėda County. Also it is the center of Kretinga district and municipality. Kretinga is only 12 kilometers far from Palanga seaside resort thus it is really attractive to live in or to stay in for a while: the best Lithuanian attractions are really close, but you are not dwarfed by epicenter of entertainments.


Prienai is a small town located in Southern Lithuania. It is 39 kilometers far from the second biggest Lithuanian city Kaunas and around 100 kilometers far from the Capital Vilnius. In the area of 8,34 square kilometers more than 11 000 inhabitants live there. History of this calm town is full of legends and guesses, but the nowadays life there is clear and soft.


Marijampolė is the 7th biggest city in Lithuania. It is situated in the East West Lithuania. Everyone in Lithuania knows that Marijampolė is an informal capital of Suvalkija. It is only 56 kilometers far from Kaunas. The territory of the city occupies 2050,7 hectares and is separated into 2 parts by Šešupė river. 6 bridges connects each city part from another. The city is mostly famous for many important historical personalities that used to live there.

Verkiai Regional Park

Verkiai regional park is located within the pale of Vilnius city and it is easy and fast reachable from the center of capital by car. The park occupies 2670 hectares and for many people from Western Europe it should look like a real miracle that in such a big city such a marvelous nature recess including historical heritage monuments could be found. Both, nature and cultural beauty here in the park is located thus it is more and more popular place to visit on free time.

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