+SPA Oasis

+SPA OasisThe Wellness club +SPA Oasis is a real oasis of wellbeing and rest. Everyone is welcome here to relax at both: inside the wellness club and outside in a beautiful nature. Big swimming pool, saunas, steam bathhouses, whirpool bathes will help to relax undoubtedly. In addition, people may be inspired with new strengthes at the "Oasis Sports" bar or while taking relaxing SPA procedures.


Stimulus sports clubSTIMULUS studio was established in order to teach how to have a fit, slim, proportional body and self balance. The studio offers harmonious  mind – body workouts  in groups of not more than 15 people. Yoga,  Callanetics, Pilates, Body balance, Cross-training are an excellent activities for women who like cosy environment and careful attention of professional trainers.

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