Balti drambliai

Balti drambliaiThe oldest vegetarian restaurant in Vilnius “Balti drambliai” (engl. White Elephants) is very well known because of its excellent food and cozy unique atmosphere. The restaurant offers pure veg. international food (including Indian, Italian, Arabic, Tibetian, Lithuanian dishes), variety of high quality teas (27 names of tea) and live music on every Friday and Saturday night. The veg.


RemusRestaurant "REMUS" located in the Rowing Museum is reminiscent of an old English rowing club. The lake and Trakai Castle can be seen from its windows.The two halls of the restaurant have 30 seats. There is a fireplace in the main hall. The walls are decorated with antiquated boat elements. Old books on rowing, trophies, cups, and other museum exhibits are displayed in a glass showcase.


SadutėSADUTĖ“ is a restaurant settled in the XVIth century building in the main square of Kaunas old town. „SADUTĖ“ is not just a wine-house, wine restaurant and beer restaurant – it is also the cultural center of Kaunas old town. And it is a place where good food goes along with sincere owners, theatre, cinema, music, wine, certificated Sommelier, romantic dreams…


Adelia The restaurant and bar Adelia is a perfect place to have a romantic dinner, a family lunch or to relish a good meal and watch a splendid Old Town life through  the big windows.  Cozy restaurant atmosphere and staff attention ensures many pleasant moments. In addition, creative cooks offer high-quality European dishes. Excellent time is guaranteed.


Inn555The Inn555 restaurant is unique for being located in an old factory that once was used for making radios during the pre-Soviet period. The historical theme is honored in the dining area with the open-brick walls that would have been visible in the days of line production. The bar also has polished steel look, which hints at the industrial.

BUnte GAns

BUnte GAnsEvery decent town needs a place where good food, good music and great people come together. In Vilnius that place is German restaurant BUnte GAns. The restaurant offers high-level german and international cuisine - German and Italian Salad, Snitzels and Bratwurst, Beef Steaks of high quality Argentinian beef, Fresh fish.

Šeduvos malūnas (Šeduva Mill)

Šeduva millEverybody knows the original inn in Šeduva mill. People from all over the country come here to feast their eyes on and to smell its antiquity, to taste their favourite dishes and to refresh themselves with various drinks…

Rytai (East)

Rytai restaurantRytai (East) is a chinese restaurant which was opend in 2003 near the main avenu in Vilnius. It is a marvelous place were chinese atmosphere is fully implemented. Guests may enjoy chinese food and environment in a pretty private spaces thus it is cosy and comfortable.

Vandens malūnas (Water Mill)

Vandens malūnas restaurantThe restaurant “Vandens malūnas” (Water Mill) is located in a water mill of XIXth century which has been ably restored. Authentic millstone’s mechanisms and wooden interior details create special and cosy atmosphere. During 10 years of work Verkiai “Vandens malūnas” earned itself a good name among customers and companies.

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