Pašiliai Wisent Breeding Reservoir

The wisent is the biggest wild animal now living in Europe. A giant of usually 3 meters length, 2 m height and 1 tone weight would undoubtedly make an unforgettable impression once unexpectedly met in a wild forest. However, the possibility to meet it in a wild nature is pretty small as this breed now is on a strict preservation. It is one of vanishing species preserved and breed mostly in special reservoirs, parks or zoos.

Panevėžys Art Gallery

Panevėžys is the city famous for its sport, culture and industry. In order to maintain its cultural level, the Panevėžys  Civic art Gallery was established there in 1990 by Panevezys City Council. The main activities and directions of the gallery till nowadays are arrangement of exhibitions, enlargement of exhibits in its art collection, educational lections, arrangements of various concerts and publications.


Panevėžys is the fifth largest Lithuanian city located in an ethnographic region of Aukštaitija. There are approximately  116200 inhabitants living in the area of 50 km2. Panevėžys is straight in the half way between two capitals – Vilnius and Riga and is easy reachable by the highway Via Baltica connecting the city with number of Western Europe and Scandinavian countries. The city was named after the river as this green and cosy city lies on the bank of river Nevėžis.

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