Palanga International Airport

Palanga international airport is a small region airport in the western Lithuania. The infrastructure of it is adopted to serving small and medium airplanes. Although the airport is small, it is an important part of international air system as since 1993 number of passengers was constantly growing.

The Palanga Amber Museum

The Palanga Amber Museum was established in 1963 on the estate of count Feliksas Tiškevičius surrounded by a beautiful botanical gardens designed by the landscape architect Eduard Francois Andre in 1897. The Museum is not only a place where an attention catching exhibits of amber are exposed, it is also a place where traditional cultural events are held.


Palanga is a resort famous for white sand beaches, marvellous dunes. It is the most universal resort in Lithuania where anyone can find a suitable way to have rest and fun. In 2010 summer, when all Europe suffered from terrible heat, Palanga resort became a place of salvation, like a promised land for many people from Lithuania and abroad, offering perfect weather temperature and a refreshing sea water.

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