Montis Magia

Montis Magia climbingMontis Magia team works with the real passion for mountains and climbing sport. Despite the fact that in Lithuania there are no such natural mountains that are worth to be climbed into, but the Montis Magia team created an imitative infrastructure of eternal climbing paradice.

Kart Rental

Kart RentalOutside karting track in Palanga Kart Rental is really worth attention as not only typical kartings are here available, but also buggies and ATM bicycles. Despite the fact that instructors watch carefully wether the possible driver is strong enough to drive the buggy, children taller than 120 cm can also have a chance to try one.

Lithuanian Safari

Lithuanian SafariThe Lithuanian Safari team offers wide variety of jeep safari tours and attractions. Their clients are free to choose from a few hours lasting tours to a few days lasting tours with exotic overnights in Lithuanian forests, bathhouses and special menu.

Super Segway

SegwaySightseeing city with Segway is both: useful and entertaining. While driving Segway people can move much faster than on foot and, of course, it is very fun. Enyone can learn to ride a Segway - there is no any special requirements for people or licenzes needed. It is comfortable and easy to use. Exploring Vilnius with Segway would be a really memoriable excursion!

Aukštadvaris Karting Track

Aukštadvaris Karting TrackThe outside proffesional Aukštadvaris Karting Track where  Lithuanian karting championships are held is available for anyone`s entertainment. More than 1 kilometer long track of 8-15 meters width and powerful recreational kartings are here for peoples`pleasure.

Veisiejai Karting Track

Veisiejai Karting TrackThe Veisiejai Karting Track offers the most powerful and fastest kartings in Lithuania. The Track of 1200 meters length and 6-8 meters width including 14 extreem turns would satisfy even the professional karting drivers. Moreover, some additional activities at a local shooting range are here available. Single drive usualy takes about 10 minutes here.

Golden Moments

ATM-safariGolden Moments team offers various above-ground entertainments. Firsly, it is the Jeep Safari tour for 6 people in Aukštaitija regional park including not only an extreem driving, but also a competitive atmosphere as various tasks will be required to be done at every stop. In addition, the bloodcurdling rally tour with an experienced rally driver is available. Moreover, what about ATV safari?

Russian Off Road

Off Road TourThe Activetourism.lt team organizes extreem entertainments with russian UAZ 469 off-roads. The whole program lasts for 3 hours. The crew of max 3 people in a vehicle experience a Russian Off Road tour is worth attention because of the unique vehicles as well as the experience when coping with the challenges on the road.

SEB Arena

SEB ArenaThe multifunctional sports and wellness complex "SEB Arena" is a great place. The whole infrastructure of the complex offers a wide spectrum of services for active rest for the whole family.

Rene - La Cuisine de la Biere

ReneRENE is a touch surreal restaurant (and by this we don't say we're absolutely stark raving cuckoo mad, we're saying we try to be creative). It is dedicated to Beer Cuisine, meaningly that all food is prepared with beer OR suits very well to be enjoyed with beer (though, to be honest, there's a modest yet impressive wine list available - just don't tell anyone).

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