Tamsta Music Festival

In 2010 July 30-31 there will be the second Tamsta Music festival held in Dzūkija region, Varėna city surroundings where a beautiful isle of „Dainų slėnis“ is located.  Hundreds of positive testimonials complimenting the first Tamsta Music Festival held in 2009 prove an unchallenged success of the second festival too.

Devil`s Stone (Velnio akmuo) music festival

2010 is the second year when in Lithuania there an open air festival of heavy music is organized. An absolutely alternative weekend (July 16-18) in Anykščiai, Dainuva valley will attract lovers of extreme music, wild energy and untraditional self-expression. Devil`s Stone festival might be interpreted as a hell of a noise that stops storms and brings listeners and performers into heaven.

Electronic Music Festival - Tundra

In 2010 July 2-6 the Tundra festival of electro and dance music will be held for the 7th time already. This year the 4 days lasting festival will delight its guests with such a variable and big program that even the old wolves of music festivals will be impressed.

Street Music Day (Gatvės muzikos diena)

The only one day per year in Lithuania when many cities here are full of music sounds is the Street Music Day. It is a national festival inspired by one of the most appreciated Lithuanian musician Andrius Mamontovas. The idea was realized for the first time in 2007 and it became a wonderful tradition uniting all Lithuania with sounds of music in the streets.

Mėnuo Juodaragis Festival

In order to cherish pagan traditions, a great neo – folk festival called Mėnuo Juodaragis (Black Horned Moon) is held in Lithuania since 1995 on the last weekend of summer. 3 days and 2 nights the festivals delights its visitors with an archaic and modern music, arts and films, dances and rituals, old crafts and many other things. This festival is both – remembering the old and forgotten traditions and presenting nowadays Baltic culture.

Pažaislis Music Festival

The music show that continues longest in Lithuania is the Pažaislis Music Festival in Kaunas which each year lasts for 3 months. It is annually held in Pažaislis monastery which distinguishes in its beautiful buildings erected on the western coast of Kaunas Lagoon. Incidentally, the Pažaislis monastery is reputed as one of the best baroque examples in the North and East Europe of the 17th century.

Kaunas Jazz

There is no doubt that deep jazz tradition flourished in Lithuania in recent years. Each year listeners from United States and Europe come to Lithuania to listen to new jazz sounds Lithuanian jazz festivals have to offer. There is nothing to be surprised about as Lithuanian jazz festivals are highlighted even in such jazz magazines like “Down Beat” or “Jazz Forum”. Of course Lithuanians themselves join these festivals not less, if not even more than foreign fans.

Blues Nights in Varniai

The emotional music style which was born in poor settlements of black slaves in the 19th century is blues. Nowadays blues music has many fans in all over the world as it is perhaps the only one style of music which admires not only in its nostalgic sounds, but also in telling many real life stories. Songs of blues come straight from hearts to hearts touching the most familiar human problems and ironically coloring life of many generations. Lithuania is proud to have the annual Blues music festival attracting many visitors and participants .

Nida Jazz Festival

Since 2001 every year a fantastic Nida Jazz festival named as Nida Jazz Marathon is organized in summer. The festival program is improved each summer and catches more and more attention. Number of musicians participating in this project grows every year. That’s why the Nida Jazz festival is attended by more and more visitors.


In 2007 Lithuania faced a brand new phenomena called Be2gether. That is a great 3 days lasting festival of music and arts located by the legendary Norviliškės castle. Crowds of young people from all over the Lithuania gathers there and falls to an absolute relaxation surrounded by nature, nonstop live music and other happy people all spending days and nights in cosy tents or in number of thematic lees while searching for inspiration or simple joy.

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