The Museum of Energetic and Technique

The former power station built near Mindaugas bridge in Vilnius became an interesting Museum of Energetic and Technique in 2003. Brand new museum surprises anyone visiting it as in authentic surroundings of former powerful electricity provider there are 8 different expositions located.

Kretinga Museum

Kretinga is well known as a town where plenty of folk and architectural monuments can be seen. It is famous for its old monasteries, churches, cultural life, beautiful environment and perfect geographic location. But one of the most famous objects located there is the Kretinga Museum established in a beautiful palace of count Tiškevičius. The most valuable spiritual and material treasures  of Lithuanian culture and heritage are here exposed.

The Cat Museum

It is almost 20 years already when the Cat Museum resounds Šiauliai city in all over the world. The museum was established in 1990 at the Center of Naturalists by Vanda Kavaliauskienė. She brought here her large collection of cats of various shapes, models and designs as there was no enough room left in her own apartment. It is a unique museum of its type in all Baltic states.

Rainiai Memorial

3 kilometers far from Telšiai there is a Rainiai village. The village is marked with several inhuman historical facts.  In memory for those who survived here the Rainiai Memorial was built. The memorial temple holds authentic relicts, documents of the brutal act which was held there.

Paneriai Memorial Museum

Paneriai Memorial Museum is a subsidiary of National Vilnius Gaon Jewish Museum. It is located just 16 kilometers from Vilnius city center. It is a little building standing in the same place where Soviets decided to establish a military base during the Second World War. 7 deep potholes were prepared for stores of liquid fuel there. The same potholes, however, were used for other purposes by Nazis.

Museum for the Blind

Nowadays people are overcrowded with variety of senses: smells, tastes, noise of  traffic, uproar of crowds, radio or TV, colorful advertisements, window dressings, journals, lively internet world… That is so much of everything that sometimes people stop absorbing it. But if one of senses stop working, things get worse. Seeing is the most important sense which gives us 80% information. Blind people can hardly orient in new places, every day they face much discomfort. Only experiencing the same they do would help seeing people understand them.

Museum of Ancient Beekeeping

According to scientists, the oldest cult among people was worship of nature objects. Animals, plants, natural forces were thought to be higher powers than humanity. Lithuanians are the nation which professed paganism longer than any other European country. Thus it is not surprising that attention to some former sainted relicts is meaningful till nowadays. Bees and trees where they lived were thought to be saint in Lithuania.

The Museum of Orvydai Homestead

Sometimes out of the way corners may surprise even those who have seen a lot. One of such an amazing places is the Orvydai homestead located in the north west Lithuania in a little village of Gargždelė. It is an amazing place both for its environment created here and for the atmosphere. For some mystic reasons visitors from all over Lithuania and foreign countries come here in order to satisfy their curiosity, regain strength after tough life moments and relax.

The Ninth Fort

Some terrible historical facts will never be forgotten. Genocide case implemented by Nazi was one of the most brutal criminal actions against humanity. Sadly, it was not a unique and the first such case in history, there are several nations in the world that faced this horror. However, the international Jewish genocide was the largest ever and took approximately 11 million victims. The most significant monument of genocide in Lithuania is the Ninth fort in Kaunas.

The Bastion of Vilnius Defensive Wall

A hill over Vilnius city called Barbakanas contains some masonry buildings. It is the former Vilnius defensive wall and the bastion. Nowadays used as a nice place to relax, have a rest or join nice friend companies, long time ago it was a place where trash and death flourished.

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