Military Heritage

Military Tourism Package

War is one the worst things that man can begin. Despite that, nations have fought for centuries. Fought for money, for freedom, for religion. Lithuania has also faced many dark war periods thus military heritage here is really outstanding and worth visiting in order to remember the tough times.

The Ninth Fort

Some terrible historical facts will never be forgotten. Genocide case implemented by Nazi was one of the most brutal criminal actions against humanity. Sadly, it was not a unique and the first such case in history, there are several nations in the world that faced this horror. However, the international Jewish genocide was the largest ever and took approximately 11 million victims. The most significant monument of genocide in Lithuania is the Ninth fort in Kaunas.

The Bastion of Vilnius Defensive Wall

A hill over Vilnius city called Barbakanas contains some masonry buildings. It is the former Vilnius defensive wall and the bastion. Nowadays used as a nice place to relax, have a rest or join nice friend companies, long time ago it was a place where trash and death flourished.

Kaunas Fortress

Kaunas Fortress is a valuable military heritage object composed of number of buildings that used to be a military complex. However, the complex has been derelict for many years. Only in 2005 it was included into list of public knowledge and usage by Ministry of Culture. Tourism operators got interested in Kaunas Fortress in 2000.

Plokštinė Nuclear Missile Launch Site

In 1960 more than 10 000 Soviet soldiers started secret works in Žemaitija National Park that took 2 years. The out of the way forest near Plungė was carefully chosen to become a secret base to carry the Soviet Nuclear Weapons. The base was situated here and became famous as a Plokštinė nuclear missile launch site. The base was one of the top Soviet military secrets that was revealed by USA reconnaissance only in 1978.

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