Seaside bicycle tour (52 km)

Seaside bicycle tour mapThis course is probably the most impressive in Lithuania as it extends through spectacular nature of Curonian Spit which is included into UNESCO World heritage list. Pine forests, dunes, sea breeze – this is a real pleasure for bicyclers. Cycling the hard shoulders of the main road of Curonian Lagoon will be very pleasant and comfortable.

International street theatre festival “Šermukšnis”

In 2009 already the 15th international street theatre festival “Šermukšnis” (Rowan) was held in June in Klaipėda city. Despite pretty wintry summer weather, crowds of people gathered into the Klaipėda Old town in order to watch plenty of interesting art performances. The 3 days lasting festival delighted Klaipėda citizens and city guests with number of free of charge performances. Such an opportunity is offered not every day!

Palanga International Airport

Palanga international airport is a small region airport in the western Lithuania. The infrastructure of it is adopted to serving small and medium airplanes. Although the airport is small, it is an important part of international air system as since 1993 number of passengers was constantly growing.

Klaipėda Castle

Klaipėda castle was the main unit in Klaipeda for centuries. It was the first building erected in the city which around other buildings and fieldworks were built. In 2002 a historical museum was opened in the castle. There are several expositions, telling visitors about the stages of processes of  Klaipeda city and Klaipeda castle.

Smiltynė Ferry Terminal

Klaipėda city is separated from Curonian Spit by Curonian Lagoon. For connection of two shores across the Curonian Lagoon,  Smiltynė Ferry Terminal is operating. The importance of the terminal has not lessen during more than 50 years as it is open. The ferry terminal became one of the most valuable transportation services in Klaipėda and Curonian Spit as it is the  most comfortable way to reach the other shore, to transfer not only passengers, but big amount of cargo too.

Lithuanian Sea Museum

The Lithuanian Sea Museum located in Klaipėda, Smiltynė,  is one of the most impressive museums in Lithuania. It always astonishes its visitors and attracts to come back and visit it again. The museum undoubtedly  justifies its motto “Together we will learn to explore, enjoy and preserve our harmony with the sea”. In 2009 the Lithuanian Sea Museum celebrated its 30th anniversary that is the real proof of the museum to be well attended by crowds of people.

Klaipėda Clock and Watch Museum

The Klaipėda Clock and Watch Museum is a branch of Lithuanian Art Museum that houses an undoubtedly worth visiting exhibition of plenty unique clocks and watches of unexpected shapes and mechanisms.  The museum is well organized, deliberately managed and informative. It is adjusted to interests of various people from distracted children to even well educated physicists who would be grateful to see the elaboration of detailed schemes  displayed apparently.

Curonian Spit National Park

A spindling 98 km long strip of land locked in waters of the Baltic sea from West and the Curonian Lagoon form East is a beautiful creation of nature and people endeavor. The present landscape of the Curonian Spit was mostly formed by people trying to put a bridle on winds and sand. That`s why the Curonian Spit was admitted to be a National Park, what is more,it is an exceptional case of human and nature conjunction that was included into UNESCO World Heritage List.


Klaipėda is the third biggest city in Lithuania located on the coalescence of the Curonian Lagoon and The Baltic Sea, 311 km north west from the Capital Vilnius. A gross nonfreezing sea harbor is established in Klaipėda so the city is one of the main Lithuanian economic centers and a very important transit knot.

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