Kart Rental

Kart RentalOutside karting track in Palanga Kart Rental is really worth attention as not only typical kartings are here available, but also buggies and ATM bicycles. Despite the fact that instructors watch carefully wether the possible driver is strong enough to drive the buggy, children taller than 120 cm can also have a chance to try one.

Nemenčinė Karting Track

Nemenčinė Karting TrackNemenčinė Karting Track is the karting track inside the building where drivers` results are measured with proffesional time measurement devices. The length of track is 350 meters, width 3-6 meters. The track includes 6 turns. Children lower that 140 cm are not allowed to drive. Kartings of 9 AG class with internal combustion are waiting to be driven here.

Aukštadvaris Karting Track

Aukštadvaris Karting TrackThe outside proffesional Aukštadvaris Karting Track where  Lithuanian karting championships are held is available for anyone`s entertainment. More than 1 kilometer long track of 8-15 meters width and powerful recreational kartings are here for peoples`pleasure.

Veisiejai Karting Track

Veisiejai Karting TrackThe Veisiejai Karting Track offers the most powerful and fastest kartings in Lithuania. The Track of 1200 meters length and 6-8 meters width including 14 extreem turns would satisfy even the professional karting drivers. Moreover, some additional activities at a local shooting range are here available. Single drive usualy takes about 10 minutes here.

Kumečiai Karting Track

Karting TrackKumečiai Karting Track is the inside entertainment for adrenaline and speed fanatics. Although it is only 280 meters long, it includes 8 sharp turns that seem to be not quite easy to cope with.

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